Well we are now in the month of May and it is time for a brand new theme! So without further ado I am thrilled to announce that this month's theme, in honour of the Italian Doll Convention which is taking place later this month, is 'Taste of the Orient'! So as this year's IDC is celebrating all things Oriental I thought it would be fun for us to join in the fun! Let's see what you can come up with!!

Still 3 winners but no prizes from now on :(

The 'rules' of the theme photo competition are very simple:

  1. Your photo must contain a doll or dolls
  2. The photo must be taken recently and specifically for the challenge
  3. Make sure the photo relates to the spirit of the relevant month's theme
  4. Members should enter one photo only per theme (although you are free to add more but please highlight which particular photo you would like to go forward into the competition).
  5. Give your photo a title, whether it be witty or cutting edge cool!
  6. Post your picture in the Theme Photo thread in the discussion forum below
  7. Make sure to have as much fun as possible!

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  • Admin

    What an awesome theme! Thanks to everyone whop took part. Be sure to vote:

  • I just caught up on all the gorgeous photo posts!  I love all the beautiful flowers and lovely colors, bravo to all!  I might say I was waiting for my crabapple trees to blossom as well, but really I was procratinating!  However, being tardy paid off, and I captured Frankie early in the morning against the background of blossoms.  Here is Frankie Kimono



    • Admin

      Love it! Glad you got in just before the end ;)

    • Adorable!
    • She looks so pretty! I love her repaint!!

    • Just cute!
    • Love all the colours and this doll is perfect!

    • Beautiful!!! just beautiful!! 

    • Admin

      very well done Annette ! it was worth the wait! 

    • Thank you Dom, you're so sweet  

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