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Bb Twins

An ode to Bb, a small factory formely near me

Their clothes were not as fine as Mattel but cute and often practical

They supplied the store where I worked and I got to know the owner Khun Joom.

On one occasion I visited I came away with armfuls of dolls and outfits.

These dolls presumed made in China but the face sculpt is Ann Thongprasom, a famous Thai soap opera actress.

Oh, the hats were hair grips i prised off the grips. 

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  • what happened to the Bb factory? did it close down? what are grips? I had assumed that the hats & dresses came together as a set!
    • I think K Joom got into some other business as I've not seen her stuff anywhere since, while our store now has very inferior clothing I do not bother looking anymore :( . The hats came off a stall selling hair accessories and had black clips/grips glued to them.
  • Siki, their dresses are adorable.
    • This style of party dress came in many shades and styles, and I collected most of them.
    • these dresses are very similar to that worn by the current Barbie doll called "It's a Girl" (so called because it is meant to be a gift for the mother of a newborn baby girl) (or maybe a keepsake for the child to have as a commemorative) (?) - anyway, the dress is made of dotted pale pink with a full skirt & a bow ribbon at the waist - naturally, I could not pass that up, so I got it for another of my dolls to wear - I have a little set of girls in fresh pink cotton outfits and they all look like petite fours & bon bons...
    • I looked that up. ooh! scrumptious (if you have a sweet tooth!)
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