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  • magnificent diorama!  I especially love the way the pale male doll resembles a classical marble statue.  Such a sumptuous epicurean banquet!  I feel as though I am there as a guest...

    • Viktor, thanks for such comment. I waited months for this vamp dolls to go on reduced prices so I could use him as a Greek god.
      I wanted pale, perhaps because, as you mention, with all the marble statues that's the way I picture the ancient gods on my mind.
      On the other hand, if I were to make a Roman Empire diorama, I will not want the Caesar to be pale, even with all the marble statues of the emperors, I picture them with human skin tones. LOL - weird, never thought of that until now that you mentioned it.

      But the gods living in Mt. Olympus should be pale! At least in my dioramas!
      You take care Viktor. A pleasure to read your replies.
    • I know just what you mean!  -  I too picture the Romans in vivid colors!  Red + gold + black (like China & Russia)  -  I think that it may be due to the dazzling white structures clinging in clusters to mountain cliffsides of the Greek islands against the brilliant blue sea & sky. And of course all those marble sculptures & classical ruins from ancient times. In my art history class from my college days, I was shocked to learn that all those glorious white statues & temples were entirely covered in colorful paint!  The sculptures were painted to appear lifelike  in the style of the ancient Egyptians revered by the Greeks -  everything polychromatic!  So ancient cities from that era & in that part of the world were always crazy colorful, like the Arabian Nights fairytales & St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow  -  typical for Mediterranean & Mideastern & Byzantine & Islamic cultures (not to mention all of India which seems to throb with color everywhere)  -  in ancient Rome, I picture a lot of red & gold (like the Catholic Church which basically preserved the esthetics of ancient Rome until modern times) lots of golden objects & red velvet (did velvet exist then?  or was that a later development? and who invented it? Turks? Persians? Romans?  -  ha! that will be this evening's Google search project!)

    • LOL Viktor, now I'm curious too.

      I didn't know about the statues were covered in colorful paint.

      I lived 2 years in Turkey and I had the chance to enjoy ruins, and museums with a lot of ancient art and artifacts. Then had the chance while I was there, to visit the Holy Land. Ahhh! So much to learn. Now, you let me know about velvet.



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