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  • Valley of the Dolls !!!
  • This picture is very humorous to me. That's a lot of naked dolls, Victor!
  • Your pictures are bringing back memories... I recognize quite a few of these dolls.
    • many have been in my collection for a long time - others are from several years ago, but which I have acquired only recently for bargain prices from ebay - I was sorting them out to organize the inventory!
    • When I collected Barbie sized dolls the fun was in finding different faces, bodies, skin colors... diversity at it's best! I did a lot of Frankendolly experiments and ended up with some great dolls.
    • yes, Tilly! - that has always been a primary motive & justification for collecting; many different facial sculpts, variety in facial painting on the same facial sculpt, different bodies, different complexion color, different hair color & texture, all these factors involved as motivation for acquisition - and YES! - head & body swapping to create a unique doll that better suits personal taste - then using my permanent acrylic painting pens to carefully change color of eyes & lips, or do just a little bit of a touch-up to enhance a few faces - always the "Frankendolly": it is part of the fun in "dollplay" that I enjoy - though sometimes an experiment ends in disaster when altering the heads & bodies to fit (differently designed head & body neck "connection" always presents a "challenge") - but highly gratifying when it turns out right, and all the arduous efforts are rewarded !
    • We could have been great shopping and play buddies... the thrill of finding a new yet, different doll and/or our creations... so much fun! I've never learned to paint or reroot hair, I only performed the plastic surgery! hahhahaa My favorite to create was finding a great male head to go on a flexible body that could wear Ken size clothing. For awhile there were some civil war dolls out that had older faces with gray hair or beards -- I loved having these but, they rarely make older female dolls... or fat men outside of the Drew Carey doll. Shame as I would have been all over them!
    • I agree - I loved the "grandma" dolls from Mattel, because the body-type was a curvy & voluptuous one that looked great in tight dresses with a young Barbie doll head - wish I had bought more, because they are hard to come by on the secondary market now at reasonable prices (I bought one of each black & white) - and I got the black "grandpa" doll because he looked quite debonair with his salt & pepper rooted hair & his grey moustache - I have a preference for the "action figure" male dolls over the "fashion doll" boyfriends, because of the superior facial sculpts - Hasbro did a good job with masculine, multi-ethnic faces a few years back that were on well-articulated bodies- I got a bunch of those - but Hasbro stopped that series, and only issues low-quality stiff dolls with "clothing" molded onto the doll, whereas Mattel is finally making attractive, better made boyfriend dolls - the newer boy bodies have all the qualities that I have wanted for 20 years! - articulated (wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, thighs) and others with straight arms & legs, yet the fully-rotating shoulder sockets, so that the arms can move away from the body, not just back & forth - and best of all; the fully-rotational, pivoting head! (hooray!) - and faces with mouths closed (hooray!) - I grabbed a bunch of the Texas college cheerleader boy dolls and have been planning their outfits - so what happened to all your Barbie dolls? Did you sell them or give them away? What made you decide to stop collecting them?
    • I missed out on Mattel's grandparents... I wanted them (badly) and never did get them. Around the time they came out I was going through a divorce and packed up all my dolls and thought I was done... I gave most of my dolls and a big beautiful Barbie doll house (on wheels) to a couple little girls in my neighborhood. I moved across country and that was that... then, last year I rediscovered a box that has been stored all this time and still believing I was done with dolls I sold them on ebay.

      But, low and behold, as I searched for info and pricing I kept seeing all these new flexible dolls and great faces and I couldn't resist... I'm back at it. Honestly, I thought I'd be too poor now to collect dolls; divorce has condemned me to poverty! hahahaha I loved my dolls and I pushed it all away... now I feel like a kid on Christmas... I'm back with a vengeance! This time around I'm going for the big dolls, the 16"... I want to sew and create and I had a horrible time sewing for Barbie. I sucked at it. I'm doing better with the bigger dolls... and the shoes and accessories are so fantastic... oh, and wigs!! Anyway, that's what happened... I sold them all. (All but one sold, so, I have one Barbie left... amazingly she was one of my all time favorites.)
    • Tilly! That is astonishing! I too considered myself "too poor" to collect dolls (I am on my Social Security disability) but find that the doll-play is so therapeutic that it has become essential for mental & emotional well-being - I am certainly glad that you are back at it too and that we can all "play dollies" together in cyberspace on this wonderful doll community site that Simon has created! It is a lifeline to joy!
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