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Mariposa by the tree
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  • Deb, Acetone was the ONLY thing that would work, believe me, I tried! Fortunately, it didn't do any damage. As for protecting other dolls from damage, I'll try laundering it, but I will wrap their bodies tightly in cling-wrap first!

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    Oh noes!!   Do you think laundering it would help?  Or maybe lining the sleeves and dress body with something that would protect her skin, without adding bulk or reducing the lovely drape.

    Nail polish remover (acetone) is some scary stuff.  Weren't you worried about damaging her?  I try to use Magic Erasers if something like that happens, with a minimum of scrubbing.  But sometimes Acetone is the only thing that will work!  I got some Sharpie on one of my AGs feet, and it was acetone to the rescue!  She lost her polish, but that can always be replaced (thank Goodness).

  • Thanks, Guys! It's not silver lame, it's some sort of nylon. Unfortunately, I can't use it any more, because it left black marks all over poor Mariposa's body! I had to soak her body in fingernail polish remover for 24 hours until they came out. I think  I've come up with a solution, though: next time, I'm going to cover her body in cling wrap first.

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    GORGEOUS FABRIC!!  Is it a silver lame?  I have some gold lame at home that's like liquid.   Yeah, I'm a bit of a fabric junkie.  

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