Fashion Doll Photos

Natalia and Fussy.

Look at what I just learnt to do!! This is my first felted little pet for my girls. Natalia is thrilled with her new hairy friend. 

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  • Love it, apart from little Fuzzy, I have a thing about silver dresses :)
    • Thank you Siki. I love silver dresses, too.
  • I just recently discovered little felted animals; they are adorable and you've done a great job... well done! Was it hard to do?
    • Hi Tilly, To be honest it was easier than I thought. Maybe getting the right expression and small details are the difficult part. It was also the first time I used this kind of needles and getting used to them can be tricky (I broke three, hahaha!!) They're impossible to find here in México so I'll have to take care of the 4 ones I have left until my next trip to USA. I found wonderful tutorials on Youtube, if you're interested I can post the links for you. Kisses from México.
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