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My 16" dolls...

Everyone is a Frankendollie except for the two Deja Vu dolls... this is my family of 16" dolls.  I have a couple small Kish dolls, 2 Betsy McCalls, one original and one Tonner and a Tiny Kitty.  I was too lazy to dress them all... they are all ready for my sewing and hopefully, each will represent a different time period in history.

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    Yeah! What Lilly said!!
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    I love the ethnicity mix. superb world friends group that you gathered (created) Tilly. bravo
    • Thank you, it's the face that attracts me... first priority I must love their face, second is price and third is... can I find an articulated body I like for them... and, this is what I ended up with... I love them all. I have my eye on one more, another MA face but that's it, and honestly, there isn't another doll out there that I'm crazy about. Feeling kinda lucky that I'm not attracted to the really pricey high fashion dolls. My ultimate love would be an Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova... but she costs more than my car!
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      lol if you could see our would not be surprise that I cannot spend too much on dolls, ah ah ah !!
    • My car and my house and everything else I own, as well... one of Marina's dolls sold at auction for $60,100.00, I can't even imagine...
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      if only for the pleasure, tilly :)
    • Thank you!!
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