We hope that our Salesroom will be a fun place to buy and sell. To make it the best experience it can be for you and your potential customers please take some time to read our FAQs. If you find your question isn’t answered her then please get in touch.

1. How do I sell in the Salesroom?

You need to be a registered member of the site. You can the create a sales listing via the Salesroom page or via your profile page.

2. How much does it cost to sell in the Salesroom?

Basic 90-day listings are free. You can list as many items as you like. You can choose to upgrade your basic listing to Featured for $1.50. This will make them stand out and be given priority status in search.

We also have 365-day listing available. These are available for anyone but are particularly ideal for businesses or artisans to use as a place to highlight their products or website. These can also be upgraded to Featured status.

3. How secure is buying and selling in the Salesroom?

Everyone who joins DollObservers.com, and therefore eligible to sell, is personally approved before the are able to post on the site. However, even this precaution cannot guarantee all members are trustworthy. Be sure to do your homework. As a member be sore to complete your profile and add your ebay, or other proof of integrity, there and on your listings.

4. What should I put in my listing?

Basically as much information as possible. You must add a title i.e. the dolls name, manufacturer and condition. You must also describe the doll, its condition, your payment method and shipping costs.

5. The site displays in USD. How do I want to sell in other currencies?

Although listing prices display in US dollars, you are free to accept any currency on the sales you make. Either this can be negotiated with your buyer or you can display other currency prices on your listing.