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This is where will you will find help, guidelines and FAQs for all aspects of the site. is designed for fashion doll lovers to meet other like minded souls, share experiences, photos, news and generally to have fun. In order for this to happen there are a few simple guidelines to bear in mind. These guidelines should be used in conjunction with our main Terms of Service.

  1. Be yourself: Use a nickname or real name while here if possible. Be “Jane” and not "Doll Seller Direct." People want to get to know you and being on a first-name basis helps.
  2. Be nice: This one goes without saying but sometimes things can get out of hand. If we want respect and civility to be the hallmarks of this community, we all have to strive to keep our interactions with other members both friendly, constructive and polite. Anyone being otherwise will face possible removal from the network.
  3. Keeping things tidy: Forum discussions that look like they belong in a different category will be moved. Duplicate discussions may be closed and members will be pointed to ongoing discussions about the same topic. I don’t intend to censor anyone, but may remove a discussion or replies in a discussion if they’re causing confusion, are mean-spirited, or are otherwise inappropriate. In general, I do my best to tidy up and make things easier to find.
  4. There's a time & place for selling: Personal sales posts and the advertising sales on other sites, such as eBay, are welcome but ONLY in the Buy & Sell Group. If they are found in other sections of the site then they will be removed. Members with official Verified Membership status (e.g. business owners in the field of fashion dolls) are allowed to advertise within their own self run groups, as I recognise that such promotions are seen as being of interest to our members.
  5. Recognition please: Any photos that you post should be your own. If not then you must give recognition to the originator and ensure that you are not violating anyone's copyright. Any photos suspected of breaking this rule will be removed. Similarly if you wish to share someone else's work posted on, either elsewhere on the net, print or other public forums, you must seek permission from them and give full recognition to that person (and in posts, blogs, news items or any other media.
  6. Again, just be nice: It doesn’t happen very often, but I will remove members who harass other people. Personal attacks, insults, and unrelenting negativity won’t be tolerated on

Thank you to all for your kind cooperation with these guidelines and for making the wonderful community it is today.

Hugs, Simon x - Owner & Community Manager,

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Simon is the Owner and Community Manager here at He is a self-professed Fashion Doll Aficionado, Collector, Blogger and has written for Haute Doll and DOLLS Magazine. Be sure to stop by and say 'hello'!

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  • Simon, I'm not getting notifications anymore... how do I correct/change that? Also, I really wish we had a like button on comments... kinda like facebook... so many times someone says something and I have nothing to add but want to let them know how much I either agree or enjoyed their comment... just some wishful thinking.
    • Admin
      Hi Tilly, are you using the 'follow' button below discussions and categories?

      I agree a love button for comments would be awesome! Maybe one day...
    • Thanks, Simon, no, I didn't realize I had to follow... got it now!!
This reply was deleted.

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