Integrity Toys East 59th Doll Collection Launched

Integrity Toys East 59th Doll Collection Launched

This weekend we are introduced to the brand new Integrity Toys East 59th doll collection. It also introduces a brand new, if not well trodden, storyline of models, agents, high glamour and general Upper East Side shenanigans. All set in 1950’s New York with corresponding fashions of that era. We are also promised the entrance of Victoire Roux at some point in the future. In this first wave, ... »

Integrity Toys Convention 2017 is a Fashion Fairytale

Integrity Toys Convention 2017 Will be a Fashion Fairytale

The long-awaited full details for the Integrity Toys Convention 2017 have just been revealed. However, if you were hoping to attend and you are not a member of the W Club, then it is unlikely you will be going. Places were offered up to W Club members on a first come first served basis yesterday, and the convention sold out in record time; despite some frustrating technical issues for many. Techni... »

Zipper Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection

Zipper Joins The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Now that Integrity Toys‘ Jem and The Holograms licence with Hasbro is winding down we will see the final four dolls released this year. The first of these dolls has just been announced – Zipper. He is a slightly obscure character from the Jem TV series but one who has some pretty significant storylines – being responsible for burning down Jerrica Benson’s Starlight House be... »

New Integrity Toys The Industry Collection Unveiled

New Integrity Toys The Industry Collection Unveiled

Launching this weekend is the first proper collection of Integrity Toys The Industry line of 12.5-inch fashion dolls. The line was introduced in Spring 2016 with the first doll, Lady Stardust Tulabelle. The Industry sees the previously 16″ scale Tulabelle doll shrunk down to the more popular IT size. Tulabelle With this initial wave, designed by David Buttry, she is joined by four friends &#... »

W Club WInners of the Fashion Doll Awards

Time’s Nearly up to Join The #DOFDAs Winning W Club

As you will probably know, Integrity Toys swept the boards at this year’s Fashion Doll Awards thanks to the public vote. They received awards in the Best Plastic/Vinyl Fashion Doll, Convention Exclusive, Corporate Retailer and Accessory categories. One of their other wins was in the Innovations Award, which this year celebrated achievements in Customer Relations. I’m ... » Fashion Doll Awards Winners Announcement

The Fashion Doll Awards 2017: Winners Announcement is pleased to announce that our 2017 Fashion Doll Awards Winners have been chosen. Over the last month, and after our members made their nominations, the Fashion Doll Community has been voting in their hundreds. These awards represent the very best of the dolls, designers, artists, retailers and bloggers and more over the last year. This year we also have a special new award, the... »

integrity toys w club 2017 is open for registration

Integrity Toys W Club 2017 is Open for Registration

Today saw the launch of the Integrity Toys W Club 2017. As I have not been a member since 2015 I was itching for this moment. I have missed the sneak speaks, emails, online events, and above all the lovely photos of the latest creations. This year saw a new twist on the upgrade: 2016 members voted on the elements they would like to make up their ‘perfect doll’. We will, therefore, have... »

Integrity Toys Unveil the Nu. Face of 2015

Integrity Toys Unveil the Nu. Face of 2015

Now available at your favourite doll retailer is the latest Integrity Toys Nu. Face Collection and consists of five, dressed to the nines, dolls. So without further ado here they are: “Erin S. is a fully articulated 12-inch vinyl doll with long, shiny rooted hair and hand applied eyelashes. Erin S. leads the pack of the Nu. Face Agency and as usual, her look is sexy, yet edgy and very modern... »

ITBE summer collection dolls integrity toys

IT Direct ITBE Summer Collection Announced

  Integrity Toys as part of their week-long “Doll of Summer” W Club email event have announced the latest ITBE Summer Collection. Each doll in the collection retails for $99.00 and will be offered via a “right-to-buy” lottery for W Club members only. In other words, expect high secondary market prices!   I think all these ladies look sensational, given that they a... »

Twilight In Paris JEM & Jerrica

Twilight In Paris JEM & Jerrica

Today Integrity Toys announced that the Comic Con International 2015 special edition JEM would be Twilight in Paris JEM & Jerrica: a Jem/Jerrica Benton QuickSwitch doll designed by Vaughn Sawyers. I’m so pleased they have finally put the QuickSwitch feature to work on a JEM doll as it having two dolls in previous gift sets has always seemed overkill. After all, they are the same person! ... »