Zipper Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection

Zipper Joins The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Now that Integrity Toys‘ Jem and The Holograms licence with Hasbro is winding down we will see the final four dolls released this year. The first of these dolls has just been announced – Zipper. He is a slightly obscure character from the Jem TV series but one who has some pretty significant storylines – being responsible for burning down Jerrica Benson’s Starlight House be... »

Anthony Julian Doll

Anthony Julian Doll to Direct JEM

Integrity Toys announced that the latest character to join the highly successful line of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAM dolls, would be video director, an Anthony Julian doll. Here is what they had to say: The Anthony Julian doll is a fully articulated vinyl figure with sleek rooted curly and flocked hair. The man of the hour comes dressed in one of his key looks from the hit 80’s animated TV series. ... »

Lindsey Pierce Doll

Lindsey Pierce Doll Joins JEM Collection

The Lindsey Pierce Doll is the latest doll to be added by Integrity Toys to the ever growing Jem and The Holograms collection. W Club members received a heads up email about her. In the Jem storyline, she is an influential music VJ (that’s Video Jockey to those too young to remember the 80’s!) Lindsey Pierce is exclusively available from IT Direct (Winners of the #DOFDAs 2015 ‘Be... »