fun barbie facts to celebrate barbie doll's 58th year

33 Fun Facts to Celebrate Barbie’s 58th Birthday

Today is Barbie‘s 58th birthday – and she doesn’t look a day over 25! Here are 33 fun facts you may or may not know about the world’s favourite doll and cultural icon: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts She is from (fictional) Willows, Wisconsin where she attended High School Barbie’s official birthday is, today, March 9, 1959 – the exact date she was unv... »

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Time is running out to enter the Silkstone Barbie Giveaway over on our social networking site Doll Observers: Related articles Win a Palm Beach™ Swim Suit Silkstone Barbie Doll! ( »

Bratz are back!

 Well it’s official. The girls with the fashion for passion and a knack for getting the world’s mothers all hot under the collar are set to be back with avengance. Having come through the ravages of various legal battles with Barbie‘s maker mattel Bratz dolls are cleared for sale once again. Whether, with the current backlash against the sexualization of young girls, they will be... »

Win a Palm Beach™ Swim Suit Silkstone Barbie® Doll!

Over on Doll Observers, the social networking site for doll lovers we have introduced a brand new loyalty scheme with fantastic prizes for our most loyal members! To help celebrate the Scheme’s launch we are currently running a Silkstone Barbie giveaway competition with a gorgeous Palm Beach Swimsuit Doll up for grabs! Click here for your chance to win a beautiful Silkstone Barbie!   »

Barbie becomes an architect

For more than 50 years, Barbie® has empowered girls to dream big and explore a world without limits. This year, Barbie® unveils I Can Be …TM Architect, encouraging a new generation of girls to pursue a career in architecture. To ensure Architect Barbie® captured the spirit and style of young architects, Barbie® designers consulted with two female members of the American Institute of Architec... »

Barbie loses out to Bratz this time around

The latest legal wrangle between MGA, makers of Bratz, and the ever litigious Mattel has thrown up a surprise twist. This time round Barbie has come out as the loser and owes the Bratz gals a payout of nearly 90 million dollars! The ongoing fight between the two companies over exactly who owns the copyright of the Bratz doll line has rolled on for several years with the previous court room ruling ... »

Happy Birthday Ken!

On March 11 we see the 50th Birthday of our favourite male arm candy, the one and only Mr Ken Carson. Of late he has really come into his own with a scene stealing role in Toy Story 3 and his very public mission to win back the love of his life, Barbie. Way to go Ken and a very happy birthday to ya! Related Articles Fun Ken facts ( A 50 Year Romance: Barbie + Ken ( »

It’s official: Barbie and Ken are back together…

Well it was the season of love so it was good timing for the most famous of dolls to mend their long broken relationship! After several months of online flirting on Twitter, facebook et al the love birds finally made it official on Valentines day. Announced via billboards placed in major cities all over the world. Congratulations to the two of them. Lets hope it lasts this time round! Related Arti... »

A 50 Year Romance - Barbie and Ken

A 50 Year Romance: Barbie and Ken

It all started in the spring of 1961. Ken Carson was new on the scene and love was in the air… One of the most iconic and beloved couples of all time, Barbie and Ken are synonymous with EPIC romance. Wherever Barbie happens to be, Ken isn’t far behind. Best known as Barbie doll’s Prince Charming, arm candy and stylish counterpart, Ken is also known as confident, considerate, and of course, the ult... »

Barbie Introduces Basics Denim Collection

Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection Pick a Pair, Rock the Look. The all-American staple in any wardrobe – denim- is going from ordinary to extraordinary with Barbie Basics™.  Taking classic blue jeans to new heights, the Barbie Basics™ Denim Collection includes 12 dolls, including – nine females and for the first time, three male models, which are new to the collection.  Rocking denim in an arra... »

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