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The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictu... »

#PFDF 2015 Saturday Luncheon

#PFDF 2015 Saturday Luncheon

For the first time in the 5 years that I have been to the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, I left the bar on the Superdoll Friday at a decent time and was therefore in fine form for the Saturday Luncheon. This year I was also on a ‘Sybarite Table’ with the access to Salon and Chalk White Sybarites that this affords. Thank you to Izzy and Catherine for letting me gaze at their beautiful dolls and for g... »

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011

Well the 2011 Paris Fashion Doll Festival is well under way and if, like me, you are unable to attend then you can follow along with the goings on via our intrepid Doll Observers reporter, Stefan, via his blog and photo album. So far the Sybarite event doll looks to die for! Related Articles Sybarite Generation 3:1 ( »

Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010- Part 2

Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival Part 2

The main event on the Saturday of Paris Fashion Doll Festival weekend is the banquet luncheon and the silent auction that precedes it. However, the day was getting off to a rather shaky start what with all festivities of the previous night at ‘Disco 3000’ and we were running, or rather shuffling, somewhat late. We needn’t have worried, of course, as according to custom the Luncheon was running eve... »

What Makes a Superdoll TiCK?

The theme of the 16th annual Paris Fashion Doll Convention 2010 was ‘Haute Couture of the Future’ so it was therefore a tantalising prospect to see what the boys over at Superdoll_Collectables™ would come up with. When I got my hands on my brand new Sybarite doll, ‘TiCK’, at their Friday evening ‘Disco 3000’ event I was not disappointed. She really is a unique Sybarite and like her name would sugg... »

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010: Part 1

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010: Part 1

Well dear reader, as I am now safely back in the UK I thought I ought to put fingers to keyboard and write a review of my first Fashion Doll Convention. So here we have part 1. The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 took place at the Novotel Paris Est at the end of the Metro Line 3 in Bagnolet. Which is somewhere you wouldn’t normally find yourself for a weekend in Paris I shouldn’t think. Unless of... »

Say hello to Tick

Last night was fantastic fun at the Superfrock event in Paris. On top of all the fun came Tick the exclusive event doll given out to the lucky attendees. Here for your viewing pleasure are some quick shots I took. STOP PRESS!! Once I am back in London I will be taking more pics and will have a detailed review of Tick. Please check back soon… »

Updates From Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010

Well here I am in Paris at the Novotel Paris Est on the eve of the Fashion Doll Festival 2010. This is the first time (unbelievably)  that I have attended so I am even more excited if that is possible as I have no idea what to expect. I am planning on covering my experience here on my blog and also via the other wonders of the internet Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as well as the Doll Observers Ne... »

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

The Paris Doll Expo site has been updated with an itinerary of the weekend’s events. Needless to say I am getting most excited at the prospect of the Superfrock “Disco 3000” event on Friday evening. Especially to see what the exclusive doll will be, given that the theme of the festival is “Haute Couture of the Future”. Charles and Desmond are bound to have a field day... »

New announcement from Superfrock promises lots of Superdoll goodies

05 April 2009 S.D.H.QLondon, EnglandDearest Mailing List Subscriber……Well, with all the excitement of our annual pilgrimage to Paris behind us, Spring is in the air and we reflect on the wonderful time we had meeting friends both old and new in the capital city of France!But whilst still on the topic of things Parisienne, we can spread the rumour that we will once again be in Paris in 2010 for the... »