New Integrity Toys The Industry Collection Unveiled

Launching this weekend is the first proper collection of Integrity Toys The Industry line of 12.5-inch fashion dolls. The line was introduced in Spring 2016 with the first doll, Lady Stardust Tulabelle. The Industry sees the previously 16″ scale Tulabelle doll shrunk down to the more popular IT size. Tulabelle With this initial wave, designed by David Buttry, she is joined by four friends – including two chaps. The story behind the ensemble is that they are movers and shakers in the New York Fashion Industry.

Tulabelle is the granddaughter of none other than Poppy Parker herself. Tullabelle is modern-day Fashion Maven and Blogger. With this initial Collection, designed by David Buttry, she is joined by four friends – including two chaps. The story behind the ensemble is that they are movers and shakers in the New York Fashion Industry.

Here’s the official story blurb:

Bloggers, designers, fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists, as well as photographers and many other creative artists meet to set the trends and dictate what the next big looks will be. Tulabelle True and her friends know how to navigate The Industry like no other and you are invited to follow their adventures!

An email was sent out to W Club members on Friday for their early sneak peak at the new dolls, but for some reason, my email went missing! Luckily they re-post emails on the members’ forum.

The Integrity Toys The Industry Dolls:

Come Thru! Tulabelle True

Blogger and fashion influencer Tulabelle True is well known by every fashion enthusiast in the world. Not only is she the grand-daughter of famous 60’s teenage model Poppy Parker, but her fashion blog, TRUE STYLE, now followed by millions across the world, sets the tone for everything that’s considered cool by a new generation of fashionistas always looking for the next hot thing to wear and do. Very much sought after by industry insiders, Tulabelle has become a major front row presence at fashion shows across the globe and since she became involved with hot fashion designer Tate Tanaka (grand-son of Poppy’s friend Tina Tanaka!), Tulabelle’s name is on every “who’s who” list!

I love Tulabelle’s wild red hair, and she has a cute face. Not totally bowled over… but the DOLLFACE purse is to die for!

Style Savior Liu Liu Ling

Fashion stylist Liu Liu Ling is popular with designers and has collaborated with every big name in the industry, helping to finalize collections and add that final polish needed to make every new style shine and jump out, whether on the runway or on the red carpet! Since meeting through designer Tate Tanaka, Liu Liu has become fast friends with Tulabelle and the pair is always seen about town, shopping for the perfect accessories!

This is the only doll I ordered. She reminds me of a rich man’s LA Girl Barbie Fashionista. I’m intrigued to see the new articulated flat foot she comes with. She has cool accessories too.

Zine Queen Binx Barone

Fashion Editor Binx Barone works for one of the top fashion publications in the world: CLASS. With her no-nonsense attitude, Binx has been known to make or break designers and has never shied away from really expressing her feelings about new collections. Invited to attend Tate Tanaka’s big debut on the runway, everyone on Tate’s team is a little nervous about the “dragon editor’s” feedback, but Tulabelle has Binx’s ear and since they both loved what they saw, Tate is sure to get glowing reviews!

My least favourite of the girls in the line. However, as with all the dolls in this collection, she does come with some awesome accessories. I really need an iPad for the girls!

Believe the Hype Tate Tanaka

Grandson of famed 60’s TV actress Tina Tanaka, young Tate Tanaka discovered his passion for fashion while admiring all of the cool costumes his grandmother wore on the set of the hit TV series THE GIRL FROM I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y! Deciding to become a designer was a natural choice for him and he’s now ready to take his first steps under the tents of fashion week, alongside his sweetheart Tulabelle True, whom he met at a cast reunion while visiting his grandmother and her best friend, Poppy Parker!

Beauty Boss Cabot Clark

Cabot Clark is the most sought-after hair and makeup artist and is one of the top members of the go-to celebrity “glam squad”! Known to invent new techniques on the spot to maximize the look of any model, Cabot only uses the best products available, including cutting-edge offerings from W Cosmetics, Missima and a few others that he never speaks about; that’s his real secret… Our guy has stuff in his arsenal that would make anyone look amazing under any light! Tate Tanaka’s go to style guy, Cabot is an integral part of Tate’s newfound success!

I won’t be buying this guy… but I really need his make-up accessories! I do hope IT release some separate accessory packs at some point.

All the dolls retail at $125, which is not bad for all the bits and pieces they come with.

So what do you think of these new girls and boys in the Integrity Toys The Industry line? Let me know in the comment section below.