2010 Fall/Holiday Tonner collection goes live

In yet more Tonner news; it was announced yesterday that the very latest 2010 Fall/Holiday collection had gone live on the Tonner Doll site.

Screenshot of Judy Garland from the trailer fo...

Scarecrow is a chick ...oh my!

Quite a mixed bunch at first glance with variations on several ongoing themes such as shrunken a Harry Potter and female variations of the Wizard of Oz trio of male characters. Interesting to some I’m sure but not really floating my boat. Some of the

Some progress on the proper fashion doll front though, if a little meagre. But nice to see some action in the Tyler camp with be-wigged basic dolls and a denim theme boutique collection. Oh and a few Antoinette gals too.

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One thought on “2010 Fall/Holiday Tonner collection goes live”

  1. Corrinne says:

    I REALLY want the Anoinette Jolie doll! The wigged dolls look like fun too!

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