Integrity Toys make their debut at IDEX this year and one of the first on the list of their revelations for 2011 is a sneak peak at the comeback of one of their favourite characters Veronique Perrin. Entitled Modern Comeback, she is a basic lingerie dolls and comes in both blonde and dark hair styles with co-ordinating basques. Both are due in March 2011 as IT Direct exclusives priced at $90 via W Club lottery.

“Veronique looks stunning as she wears a one piece black lingerie outfit with matching black stockings for her debut.  Her long, raven  hair (rooted) falls gently around her shoulders.  Veronique wears stud earrings and has matching black shoes.  Veronique is back and ready to get into the game!”

“This version of Veronique compliments the raven haired doll perfectly!  Blonde and beautiful, Veronique has an identical set of lingerie, only her outfit is in black and pink colors with black stockings.  This blonde bombshell also wears stud earrings.  Veronique sets her sights on leading W Cosmetics into another fabulous year!”

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