Haute Doll Superdoll Fugu on Pre-order… and Sold Out!

Well, I never. The recently announced doll from Superfrock, Fugu went on the Haute Doll magazine site for pre-order today and sold out already all without a final price and just with a $100 deposit. Here is what HD magazine had to say about this lovely gal:

“Modern, yet richly cultural, exotic, yet steeped in technology, her personal world and existence is a thing of great beauty. The latest Sybarite offering by Superfrock, Fugu, named after the exotic Tora-fugu, the most poisonous of all Diodon, we present for your delectability, the debut vixen. No ordinary fish, Fugu chose for her debut a simple, yet deceptively intricate gown of coarse weave natural material, piped and lined in satin with a hint toward the art form, legs and cork, embroidery and “leather” platform sandals finish off her neutral inner core.

Superdoll Fugu Sybarite Haute Doll ExclusiveBlack choppy hair upon a sleek and regimented base leaves this girl making you wonder how deep it gets. Like the star of the water and the willow world that place exotic wigs upon their sleeky scraped back hair to present themselves in an image of ancient beauty.

Fugu comes with her ultra-fabulous coat which resembles the coat of the exotic black gibbon, the monkey coat. Pencil thin brows, red red lips and with her tiny set of chopsticks, this girl is ready to take you to a far away exoticism.”

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