Metamorphosis Erin Salston™ Dressed Doll Gift Set The Heirloom Collection 2017 W Club Exclusive

METAMORPHOSIS Erin Salston, NU.Face Heirloom Collection, 2017 W Club Exclusive

The W Club has just announced that the second Integrity Toys W Club doll for 2017 will be METAMORPHOSIS Erin Salston. She is billed as belonging to the recently announced NU.Face Heirloom Collection. Erin will be a gift set with not one but two outfits, and what wonderful outfits they are too… hubba, hubba!

Erin Salston makes a noted cameo on the runway of designer Jessy Ayala as she models two fresh looks from the 2017 Heirloom collection! Light and breezy, everyone’s favorite heiress looks absolutely stunning in these couture creations, designed just for her. By incorporating one of her most cherished family heirlooms, the Salston butterfly crown (handed down amongst the women of her family since Victorian times), our bad girl completely transformed these picturesque works of art and made them truly her own! With her new, delightful, ultra-feminine looks, Erin emerges from her cocoon and soars high like the most beautiful creations of nature!
Erin Salston (has a) simple, yet ultra-sophisticated fully rooted, long braided hair that can be transformed into many hot looks! This sensational gift set includes an intricately layered custom printed chiffon gown and a second outfit composed of a one-sleeved white satin top that features an extravagant floor-length train, coupled with unexpected, ultra-edgy denim micro-shorts. The set also includes Erin’s precious golden butterfly crown, jewelry and two pairs of shoes.
Erin with retail for $175 and is open for all W Club members to purchase with no lottery or other restrictions getting in the way. I suspect this beauty will be very popular. My order is in at least…
So what do you think of this girl? If you are a member of the W CLub will you be ordering her? Let me know in the comments section below.
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2 thoughts on “METAMORPHOSIS Erin Salston, NU.Face Heirloom Collection, 2017 W Club Exclusive”

  1. OMG! I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw this set! Why oh why did I not join the W club? I have not been a member so far and only collecting for two years but this set just blew me away! Drop dead gorgeous!

    1. Simon avatar Simon says:

      It’s often the way! I missed the W CLub last year and could give over my money quick enough to be in it again this year, LOL! You must join next year. It is really fun as well as having access to beauties like this one!

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