NU. Face Heirloom Collection 2017 Unveiled by Integrity Toys

NU. Face Heirloom Collection 2017 Unveiled by Integrity Toys

This last Saturday saw the first Integrity Toys W Club unveiling webinar of 2017. Members were informed a couple of days beforehand that this would be for NU. Face and Fashion Royalty thereby ending much speculation, especially as the FR collection had been so delayed.

This was my first webinar for quite some time, as I did not join the W Club in 2016, and was very much looking forward to this one. It is always interesting to hear the designers talk about their influences and inspirations behind their collections.

The designer for both collections is the young up and coming IT designer Jessy Ayala who was responsible for the hit Reckless collection last year. H talked us through each of the dolls with Carol Roth hosting as usual. The first collection unveiled was the Nu. Face Heirloom Collection. There were 7 dolls in all, including a Lilith and Eden gift set.

Charmed Life Imogen Lennox Dressed Doll, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Imogen Lennox comes from a long line of beautiful women and when she was scouted by the NU. Face agency, clearly she stood out from the crowd. Her unique look always gives her an edge and she’s in high-demand, whether she’s doing runway shows in London (her native city) or traveling to some exotic locale for a stunning photo shoot. No matter where she goes, Imogen always takes her lucky brooch with her. It has been in her family for generations and has become an intricate part of her look!

  • Head Sculpt: Imogen
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
  • Skin Tone: Japan
  • Hair Color: Ginger
  • Edition Size: 725, $140.00

Heiress Erin Salston Dressed Doll, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Erin Salston will not settle for less than the latest designer clothing, but she will make an exception for her mother’s antique “FR” mini-case. How can anyone resist such a timeless piece of fashion art? She certainly can’t and that little case always goes wherever she does!

  • Head sculpt: Erin 2.0
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot sculpt: high-heeled
  • Skin Tone: Latino
  • Hair color: Amber Brown
  • Edition Size: 725 at $140.00

Neo-Romantic Rayna Ahmadi Dressed Doll, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Rayna Ahmadi is a major fashionista and she loves fashion so much that she has an entire room in her fashionable London flat dedicated to her extensive collection of fashion accessories and jewelry of all sorts. Of course, the one thing that totally stands out is her large cuff bracelet, which is an antique jewelry piece that was handed down by her grandmother. Generations of women in her family have worn this piece and it has now become her signature!

  • Head Sculpt: Rayna
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
  • Skin Tone: Latino
  • Hair Color: Dark Espresso
  • Edition size: 725 at $140.00

Vanity & Glamour Nadja Rhymes Close-Up Doll, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Nadja Rhymes always loves to show her sensuous side in a fabulously glam way! Dressed to seduce in this gorgeous lingerie set, Nadja poses with her favorite hand-held mirror. Will the mirror tell who is the fairest one of all? It’s safe to say that in her case, it’s totally her!
  • Head Sculpt: Nadja 2.0
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
  • Skin Tone: A-Tone
  • Hair Color: Sterling Silver
  • Edition size: 725 at $120.00

Hauntingly Lovely Ayumi Nakamura Close-Up Doll, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Ayumi Nakamura loves to blend her style with her friend Nadja’s and the two have been seen modeling for one of the top lingerie designers on the planet. Since they love contrasts, Ayumi wears a delicate cream-colored petal embroidered cardigan over her own devilishly amazing lingerie set, while she brushes her lovely tresses, waiting for her turn to go in front of the camera.
  • Head Sculpt: Ayumi 3.0
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
  • Skin Tone: FR White
  • Hair Color: Baby Blond
  • Edition size: 825 at $120.00

Poetic Beauty Lilith and Eden Blair Twin-Doll Gift Set, NU. Face Heirloom Collection

Lilith and Eden like to create traditions of their own. The sisters are so close, that everything they do is a moment to cherish and remember. Still, like all the other girls at the NU. Face agency, they have their own little accessories that they would consider their “lucky charms” and they never leave home without them!
  • Head Sculpt: Lilith and Eden
  • Body: NF 3.0, Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
  • Skin Tone: Cream
  • Hair Color: Mahogany (Lilith) and Pale Honey (Eden)
  • Sold as a Right-to-Buy Lottery doll via IT Direct
  • Edition size: 925 at $199

I think Jessy has given us a magnificent collection. Each of the dolls is based around the idea of an Heirloom (the brooch belonging to Imogen, the mirror belonging to Nadja). There is a Victorian influence throughout the collection in line with Jessy’s vision of a mansion setting for the dolls. I wanted them all but I controlled myself and only ordered Nadja as she is fierce as hell and I love the mirror accessory so was too good to give up. Judging by the way she has sold out with my dealer I am very glad I did!

What do you think of this collection? Did you order any dolls? If so let me know in the comments section below.

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  1.  avatar Exsyntrik says:

    My personal faves are Imogen (freckles!) , Rayna and Nadja.
    Cool fashions!

    1. Simon avatar Simon says:

      Oh yes! Those freckles are gorgeous! Something we don’t often see on any doll, let alone IT girls.

  2. I can’t wait to get Nadja aka STORM from the Xmen… love Erin in the tan skin tone (although not her Christmas skirt so much) and somehow found myself also getting Ayumi (possibly for her boots/leggings things and her brush… but no, she is cute too)

    My heart is already breaking that I will probably not win the lottery for the twins…

    1. Simon avatar Simon says:

      I am dreading the lottery too… wishing us both some luck 🤞🤞🤞

  3. Avatar Joc says:

    I ordered Nadja and Rayna – two of my top fave sculpts and both really special versions! I am very taken with Imogen too but I have taped my right hand to my side to stop me buying more! My very first IT pre-orders! How will I ever wait for them to arrive???

    1. Simon avatar Simon says:

      “I have taped my right hand to my side to stop me buying more!” ha-ha, I love that! I think I will have to the same!

      Congrats on your pre-orders! 🙂

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