New gown for Venus – the latest announcement from Superfrock!

Here’s the latest announcement from Charles and Desmond over at Superfrock. Lots of news plus the announcemnt that the long awaited IT Girl gown for Venus is only a few hours away! Can’t wait…

Dear Patrons, Customers and Fans 31 January 2008
SDHQ London

We come to you live from a freezing London the day before February 2009! Well, it’s been a month since the New Year has started and with this we wish y’all JOY, LOVE, PEACE and DOLLS for the year ahead.

But foremost, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you all for your support and passion for our dolls & dreams in 2008, we say it once again…. we really could not be fortunate enough to continue this wonderful world we inhabit were it not for YOU our patrons and customers. THANK YOU!

So?… what’s new I hear you ask… well, we are most excited to be attending the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in March once again this year, and are excited about the wonderful Friday night event the organisers have laid on for us and the Sybarites. The exclusive doll for this event is ‘da bomb!’ and we hope you booked in time for this increasingly popular part of the PFDF schedule. As per tradition we will also debut part of our 2009 line! It’s a great honour for us to meet collectors and friends at this affaire and we look forward to it immensely.

Shortly thereafter, we will be exhibiting in Tokyo, Japan. Both Paris and Tokyo promise to a great start of the year ahead, but in the interim, we have just a few little suprises in store; starting with the finale to the wonderful IT GIRLS!

Yes, Venus’ gown (you remember Inque and Raja got Poison and Iguana Blue) aptly titled CANDYACHE will go on sale from our website tomorrow (Sunday 01 February 2008).

As a brief reminder, the cute (with attitude!) Innoquii are still available from ourselves and also Haute Doll magazine as well as glamorous wigs and accessory packs from our website.

Speaking of websites….. theres a new one on the horizon… but more about that between the lines at a later date! (wink wink!)

Hoping your part of the world is a little warmer than it is here in London….

In anticipation of Spring.

jason su michelle obama inaugural ball gown

Fashion Royalty and Integrity Gene Creator Designs for First Lady

Jason Wu, the designer behind the Fashion Royalty line, as well as the Integrity Toys version of Gene Marshall, was the designer behind the ivory full-length gown worn by Michelle Obama at the Inaugural Ball held for her husband Barack Obama (in case you hadn’t heard of him!). 

The 26-year-old fashion designer best known, to the likes of us doll lovers, as a major face in the world of modern fashion dolls is now bound for fashion superstardom after the inevitable worldwide attention. Let’s hope he doesn’t forget his doll designing duties along the way!

superdoll sybarites

The world of the sYbarites

I have been aware of the sYbarite dolls, designed by Superdoll Collectables, for a while now but due to their rather exclusive price point, I had not dared venture into this new Couture Doll world. That is until I saw IT Girl Venus on the Superdoll online store. I had to have her. And after a brief conversation with the Other Half and pulling out my rather overly used flexible friend I was the proud owner of my very own sYbarite. Now that she has taken up residence in my home I certainly have no regrets. Other than the fact that she has rather spoiled me for other dolls especially now that poor Tyler et al feeling a little neglected in favour of their new rival.

The people behind Superfrock and the whole sYbarite phenomenon are partners Charles Fegen and Desmond Lingard, themselves lifelong doll fans. Although they both originate from South Africa they now very much based in the UK. Which as a UK resident myself is a rather amazing thing especially as it seems everything I have collected so far has been very much from far overseas (but luckily when the pound was oh so much more healthy!) I could even pop round to see them, were it not for not having been invited. And perhaps for appearing too much like a dolly stalker!

They are both trained in fashion design, which is obviously demonstrated, in the intricately stunning fashions they create for their dolls. In fact, their business began with them designing for other fashion dolls such as Gene and Tyler before they
took the plunge and went ahead with the release of their own doll. That was in 2005 and since the there have been may production dolls, outfits, wigs and accessories as well as the rather higher end and extremely limited edition One-Of–A-Kind dolls. They regularly attend the Paris Fashion Doll Exhibition and have shown in New York, London and Moscow to name but a few.


the doll observer blog

Welcome to The Doll Observer blog!

Welcome to this new dollcentric blog dedicated to the study, research and absolute joy of collecting and obsessing about fashion dolls. Whether they be Tyler Wentworth (or her very good friend Sydney Chase as pictured), Silkstone Barbie, Brenda Starr, Gene or the very unique and infinitely charming Blythe you will find information, news and general musings about them here.

So over the coming weeks and months (and hopefully years!) please enjoy our journey together through the very special world of dolls!