The Paris Doll Expo site has been updated with an itinerary of the weekend’s events. Needless to say I am getting most excited at the prospect of the Superfrock “Disco 3000” event on Friday evening. Especially to see what the exclusive doll will be, given that the theme of the festival is “Haute Couture of the Future”. Charles and Desmond are bound to have a field day with it!

Peep was the exclusive Sybarite at the 2009 Festival

There will be 3 other exclusive makers dolls available, Mattel‘s Barbie, Robert Tonner’s Antoinette and Wilde Imagination’s Ellowyne Wilde. Again it will be interesting to see what other designers will come up with.

An added bonus is the recently announced exhibition at the Paris Doll Museum entitled “Nouvelles Icônes – Des Poupées Pandores aux Sybarites” which runs from 14 March to 19 September 2010. There will also be yet another exclusive doll available through the museum named “Slipper” and she will be unveiled at the exhibition opening. Find more information about the exhibition here.

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