The Paris Superdoll action actually kicked off on Thursday evening with the usual gathering at the Novetel Bar and the selling of the Salon Exclusive gown. The 23 Sybomaniacs lucky enough to get one were treated to a silk black and white piece of gorgeousness entitled Voulez Vous. Unfortunately, I was not one of those privileged few as I couldn’t travel to Paris this year until the Friday due to an inconvenient commitment.

My Paris convention began by catching up with friends and joining the anticipation for Superdoll’s first convention doll since ‘going vinyl’ just before the event was due to begin at 7pm. Of course, as tradition dictates, we were made to wait for quite some time before we were actually allowed into the event. However, we did have a goodie bag containing Sybarite bag, pashmina and sunglasses to placate us. When at last we were ushered into the room we were greeting by a sea of silver balloons, 10th-anniversary cupcakes and more importantly, champagne!


After more catching up, woofing up the cakes and whooping up the champagne it was time to unveil the reason we were all gathered: the convention Sybarite! This year we were treated to our first peak via a wonderful stop motion video that Desmond and Charles had put together. From what they told me later this was a gruelling process only completed an hour before the event! It was well worth it though and a thrilling way to meet our girl – CAMEO! I am pleased to say the Charles allowed me to video it for your perusal: (UPDATE: No longer available)
CAMEO is a delicious vinyl confection and I couldn’t be more pleased. From her sultry makeup to her bejewelled skirt, she really is perfection. If you don’t believe me then feast your eyes on her for yourselves:

superdoll cameo

After the unveiling, it was time for Charles and Desmond to choose the lucky winner of their Facebook giveaway. The prize? Only a colour variation of Solitaire, god damn it! At this point, I would love to say that I was the lucky winner but alas I was not! Of course, I am not even in the slightest bit envious… much!
Once we had collected our dolls it was time to hit the hotel bar again. What happened next is a whole other story!
So what do you think of CAMEO? DO let me know in the comments section below!

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