It has been a while -but finally- the first W Club Exclusive Doll of 2017 is here… and she is Poppy Parker, set on mounting a British Invasion! With this release, it certainly seems that Integrity Toys are listening to their fans, as there are a lot of ticks on many a collector’s wish list. Union Jack dress? Check. Red hair, anyone? Double check! Loads of accessories? Absofreakinlutely!

She certainly ticks a few of my own wish list requests, not least of which are the cool accessories. I also love the Union Jack mini dress and she also rocks that raincoat and boots. I really think they have nailed the London Mod look with this release. If there is anything that I am not so keen on it is the pillar box red hair (although very London). It may grow on me when I see her IRL.

Poppy Parker British Invasion

Did you notice the wonderful phone box packaging?

Here is the official Poppy Parker British Invasion blurb:

When the London Tourism Bureau heard that the fantastic Poppy Parker was in town, they couldn’t resist asking her to dress up and take part in one of the most sensational promo campaigns of the time! To this day, everyone is still talking about the day Poppy Parker came to London and made her mark in one of her most iconic looks yet!

Poppy retails for $125 and is available to every W Club member who wishes to order her. No lottery.

Now Take a Seat in Poppy’s Egg Chair

Not only is there a W Club Poppy doll there is a fabulous accessory to go along with her – a beautiful Egg Chair. This is a recreation of the iconic 60’s classic.

Poppy Barbie British Invasion Egg Chair

The chair costs $40. If Poppy and the chair are ordered together there is a $5 discount.

Below you can see Poppy with her cushion accessories which come with her and are perfect to use with her gorgeous Egg Chair.

Poppy Barbie British Invasion Egg Chair

So with you be ordering Poppy, her Egg chair, or both? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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