Tonner Wonder Woman Doll is now in Store

The long-awaited -and much-anticipated- Wonder Woman doll by Tonner Doll is now on sale on their website. What a beauty she is! After seeing the sneaks at some of the details of the set over the last few months I had high hoped for this incarnation of WW but did have a worry that Tonner would not be able to carry off the likeness and sculpt. I can happily report that those concerns were unfounded. The sculpt and face up is AMAZING! The beauty of Gal Gadot is plain to see.

She is being sold as a standalone doll or as a deluxe/bundle doll with the sword, shield and stand. Here is the site description:

The warrior Princess from Themoscara takes form as a 16” character figure of expertly engineered injected plastic and vinyl. The totally new body has 15 points of articulation and Gal Gadot’s likeness is captured in exquisite detail. The finest saran is use to create lifelike hair set off with an accurate, highly detailed crown.  Battle armor is a must for Wonder Woman and the extreme detail of this set is made for a Goddess.  Accurately sculpted depicting her movie costume, the WW armor consists of a molded breast plate with a genuine leather battle skirt; her armband and gauntlets are made of real metal. Wonder Woman carries her golden lasso in a genuine leather harness.   Boots are made of detailed vinyl and resin.  Figure comes with changeable open hands, fists and gripping hands.

So are you blown away by this wonderful Wonder Woman? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

tonner wonder woman

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