Zipper Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection

Zipper Joins The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Now that Integrity Toys‘ Jem and The Holograms licence with Hasbro is winding down we will see the final four dolls released this year. The first of these dolls has just been announced – Zipper. He is a slightly obscure character from the Jem TV series but one who has some pretty significant storylines – being responsible for burning down Jerrica Benson’s Starlight House being one of them!

Over the duration of the show, Zipper changed his hair colour. IT have decided to represent this by making him in 2 different colour versions – blond and black. However, I’m pretty sure his hair was more of a red (or strawberry blond at the least) before the change to black.

Check out this pic and see what you think:

Zipper™ Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Here is the official description of the character:

“Very little is known about the mysterious and shady character simply known as “Zipper”, other than the fact that he always gets the job done, no matter the cost. A fan of shady deals, Zipper is totally unscrupulous and goes to great lengths to fulfill his assignments for Eric Raymond and The Misfits. Anything for a dollar and to scare Jerrica Benton and her friends to quit the industry! With his extensive criminal background, Zipper knows when it’s time to “blend in” and can change his hair color or disguise himself at will to fulfill any “special” assignment!”

And here are the dolls themselves:

Zipper (Blond Hair) Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Zipper (Black Hair) Dressed Fashion Figure The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collection

Zipper comes on a Homme 1.0 body. Each hair variation Zipper doll is sold separately at $130 and in a limited number of 200 each. He will be an IT Direct exclusive and W Club members have first dibs. I don’t have any male IT dolls anymore, and I won’t be ordering this chap (in either of his barnet colours) either. Having said that I love the hooded top and the black haired version is my favourite.

So are you tempted? Let me know in the comments section below.

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