50th Anniversary Barbie hair fair Repro doll

50th Anniversary Hair Fair Barbie Repro Doll

At the GAW convention in April Bill Greening unveiled his latest repro doll, the 50th Anniversary Barbie Hair Fair. She was an instant hit and is the first repro Mod Era Barbie repro for some time. I’m not sure why she is being pitched as a “vintage repro of this popular doll” when the original was a replacement head and wig set and was never sold as a doll. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. However, having said all that, she is actually rather wonderful!

50th Anniversary Hair Fair Barbie Repro Doll Original

The original 1967 Hair Fair Barbie

Hair Fair Barbie repro is dressed in a reproduction of the popular and Mod-est of Mod outfits, the 1967 Sunflower #1683. The outfit will include hot pink shoes and the earrings and bracelet accessories.

Here is the blurb from the official sneak peak:

In the late 1960s, the hot trend was hair! From big hair to ever-changing hairstyles, even Barbie® embraced this mod fashion trend in 1967. She’s hard to come by for vintage collectors, but soon you’ll be able to get a 50th Anniversary Barbie™ Hair Fair Doll reproduction for your collection!

The Hair Fair Barbie Repro will be available later this month from The Barbie Collection and will retail for $50.


So what do you think of the Hair Fair Barbie repro? Will you be one of the first to order her?

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

This weekend saw the Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016 take place in – if you couldn’t guess already – Rome. The theme for this Year was ‘FASHIONABLE’.

There was not one, but two, exclusive dolls. The first was a Robert Best designed, articulated Silkstone Classic Black Dress variation. This time a strawberry blonde doll with the same outfit as the Paris exclusive.

Next was an event exclusive doll B White Barbie. This doll was a limited edition of 170. One for each of the convention attendees. Her design was inspired by the Fashionable theme of the convention.  She was created by the event organisers Artist Creations in collaboration with other Italian designers.

As always there was much fun and merriment to be had. The sales room also takes place today as well as yesterday. You can see great coverage of the event on the Fashion Doll Collecting UK Facebook page.

So what do you thnk of the dolls? Where you there this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

*All photos courtesy of my doll good friend, Sofia Kalaitzidi.

Barbie Collection Launches Misty Copeland Barbie Doll

Barbie Collection Launches Misty Copeland Barbie Doll

Barbie Continues the Brand’s Legacy of Honoring Female Heroes

Barbie® is honoring Misty Copeland by unveiling a doll in her likeness to continue to show girls they can be anything.  Copeland, the first African-American female principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), has been a role model to girls throughout her career.

The doll is part of the Barbie Sheroes program, honoring female heroes who inspire girls by breaking boundaries and expanding possibilities for women everywhere. Copeland joins an esteemed group of diverse Barbie Sheroes, including Ava DuVernay, Emmy Rossum, Eva Chen, Kristin Chenoweth, Sydney “Mayhem” Keiser, Trisha Yearwood and Zendaya.

The fashions for the doll were inspired by Copeland’s Firebird costume from her first American Ballet Theatre principal role, which she is performing again on May 18 (matinee) and 19 as part of ABT’s annual spring season at the Metropolitan Opera House. Copeland was intimately involved in the doll’s design and partnered with the Barbie design team on all the details.

“I always dreamed of becoming an ABT ballerina and through Barbie I was able to play out those dreams early on,” said Copeland. “It’s an honor to be able to inspire the next generation of kids with my very own Barbie doll.”

Copeland shows girls how to break boundaries both on and off the stage. She began dancing on a Boys & Girls Club basketball court and continues to be very active in local Clubs in various cities. She also works with Project Plié, ABT’s comprehensive initiative to increase racial and ethnic representation in ballet and diversify America’s ballet companies.

“Misty Copeland is at the center of a cultural conversation around how women continue to break boundaries,” said Lisa McKnight, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Barbie. “As a brand, we want to honor women, like Misty, who are inspiring the next generation of girls to live out their dreams. We know role play often leads to real ‘play’ in life and we’re thrilled to celebrate Misty with her very own doll.”

This initiative furthers the Barbie “You Can Be Anything” campaign message echoing that when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines anything she can become. Earlier this year, Barbie expanded their Fashionistas® line by introducing even more diversity with three new body types – tall, curvy and petite – seven skin tones, 22 eye colors, 24 hairstyles and countless on-trend fashions and accessories.

The doll is available today for $29.95 on thebarbiecollection.com and rolling out to retailers nationwide.

Oscar de la Renta Barbie Doll Unveiled

Oscar de la Renta Barbie Doll Unveiled

Barbie® partners with Oscar de la Renta to launch the Oscar de la Renta Barbie® doll, just in time for wedding season. This bridal doll is the perfect gift for the stylish bride-to-be.

As a fashion icon, Barbie continues to be a muse to fashion’s top designers. Oscar de la Renta was famously the first to design for the doll back in 1985, and again in 1998. Once again, in 2016, Oscar de la Renta captures a refined and elegant bridal look that all brides-to-be will dream of wearing on their wedding day. This doll is a beautiful memento celebrating a milestone with a best-in-class designer and longtime fashion partner.

“We are honored to work with the Oscar de la Renta team on this beautiful design capturing their signature bridal look in Barbie scale,” said Robert Best, Senior Design Director at Barbie. “Barbie is the only girl who can have a closet full of wedding dresses without ever walking down the aisle.”

Inspired by the runway “Something Blue” bridal look, the Oscar de la Renta Barbie is a take-your-breath-away vision in an ivory, embroidered lace over chiffon, trumpet gown. The simplicity of the gown’s fluid lines and the tiers of the wispy light blue train, personify the designer’s passion for interpreting romance in a classic way.

Alex Bolen, Chief Executive Officer of Oscar de la Renta LLC said, “We are so pleased to partner [again] with Mattel in the creation of the Oscar de la Renta Bridal Barbie. Like us, Mattel makes beautiful products with the utmost precision and highest standards of quality.  Our third partnership, spanning over the course of 30 years, is a testament to the timelessness of both of our brands. We look forward to bringing the Oscar de la Renta bridal experience to a new audience with this fun and unique product offering.”

The jewelry pieces are exact replicas of those worn on the runway in Spring 2014. Barbie also wears a delicate rhinestone ring and carries a bouquet made of tulle. Her bridal look is complete with gold-accented ivory pumps and an elegant chignon reminiscent of classic elegance and refined beauty.

The Oscar de la Renta Barbie® doll will be available for $175 on www.TheBarbieCollection.comwww.Oscardelarenta.com and select retailers.

barbie basics denim collection

Barbie Introduces Barbie Basics Denim Collection

Pick a Pair, Rock the Look.

The all-American staple in any wardrobe – denim- is going from ordinary to extraordinary with Barbie Basics.  Taking classic blue jeans to new heights, the Barbie Basics Denim Collection includes 12 dolls, including – nine females and for the first time, three male models, which are new to the collection.  Rocking denim in an array of different cuts and colours, each of the dolls showcases a unique hair style and skin tone and is dressed in a variety of detailed jeans that feature real pockets and metal grommets. The spring 2011 collection focuses on daytime denim looks complimented by basic tees and tanks.

Each Barbie Basics doll can be customised to represent every Barbie girl’s unique personal style by using the chic accessories packs to glam up each basic outfit.  Complete with stylish tops, jackets, sunglasses, purses, jewellery, and even sky-high stilettos, basic denim has never been so much fun!

An exclusive interview with Toy Story 3 star Ken

An Exclusive Interview With Toy Story 3 star Ken

Ken is a really passionate and emotional guy and he digs that Barbie is such a formidable woman”— Michael Keaton

Disney/Pixar and Mattel Toys have unveiled an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with heartthrob and star of new Toy Story 3 movie Ken.

Ahead of his starring turn in the highly anticipated three-quel, which opens in cinemas across the UK on 21 July 2010, Ken talks about his new role in the movie as well as what life is like for the world’s favourite bachelor.

According to Director Lee Unkrich:

“The idea of putting Ken in the film just felt rife with comic potential.  Ken is a guy who is ostensibly a girl’s toy, and he’s also really nothing more than an accessory for Barbie.  He is no more important than a pair of shoes or a purse.  We figured he had to be pretty insecure about those things, and tried to tap into that as much as possible.  He’s really into clothes, being the ultimate fashion maven. He wears a different outfit in every scene in the movie.”

Barbie meets Ken; is this a Toy Story Love Story?

Michael Keaton provides the voice of Ken, a character he connected with from the start.  “He’s fantastic,” says Keaton. “I love this guy.  He’s emotional.  He’s crazy about Barbie and he’s got a lot of outfits—a lot of outfits.”

One of the true highlights of Toy Story 2 was the introduction of Barbie.  In Toy Story 3, she takes on an even greater role and meets the man of her dreams when she encounters Ken atSunnyside Daycare.  Like all great screen romances, this relationship has its share of challenges, but this one takes on some particularly fascinating twists and turns.

Mattel will release a Barbie & Ken Toy Story 3 Gift Set to commemorate the moment the world’s most famous toy couple met.  Barbie is sporting her glamorous dazzling blue all-in-one workout leotard, finished with pink leg warmers.  Meanwhile, style-conscious Ken looks dapper in a key look from several costume changes from the movie – a suave blue outfit complete with matching scarf and deck shoes.

“It’s impossible not to have fun with Ken and to take him as far as you can,” says story supervisor Jason Katz. “He’s this wonderfully insecure kind of guy.  We’ve played him as a mid-eighties California beach guy who’s very handsome but incredibly shallow and awkward.  And I think Michael Keaton has a way of playing that which is so awesome.”

The first Toy Story film was released in 1996 and a phenomenal success. Now fifteen years later, the toys are back as we see the return of some of some of the most well-known toys in the world as well as some new ones.

The LBD Barbie Basics Style

The Little Black Dress, Barbie Basics Style!

I have had my eye on the Barbie Basics range of dolls for a while. I really think they are some of the best dolls released by Mattel for some time. I also love the fact that they can be accessorised to the hilt! Mmm… accessories!!

Here is the Mattel blurb: “An icon of subtle sophistication and glamour, the Little Black Dress takes fashion to new extremes with the new Barbie Basics™ doll line. Personalize, customize and play with the 12 dolls, each representing a unique hair style, facial features, skin tone and dressed in the fashion classic, the Little Black Dress. To celebrate the beauty of accessorizing, each Barbie Basics™ doll can be personalized and customised in a way that represents every girls’ own fabulous style by using the ultra-chic accessory packs complete with scarves, purses, shoes and jewellery.”

"Mad Men" and Barbie Join Forces to Launch Exclusive Doll Collection

‘Mad Men’ and Barbie Join Forces to Launch Exclusive Doll Collection

The Mad Men Barbie Collector doll collection embodies the “Mad Men” series’ couture fashions and accessories, and its iconic 1960s style and aesthetic. The series, which is produced by Lionsgate and airs on AMC, has made history with its multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards by chronicling the lives of the men and women of Madison Avenue advertising in the 1960s. Season four of “Mad Men” premieres this summer.

Gracefully molded of Silkstone®, a material that resembles the look and weight of porcelain, each doll is stylized in iconic costumes from the series and comes with accessories true to their show counterparts. Don Draper wears his classic, polished red-lined suit and comes accessorized with a hat, overcoat and brief case; Betty Draper’s classic look is captured with unparalleled detail, from her faux pearl necklace to her pumps; Joan Holloway looks chic in a purple skirt suit and perfectly styled coif with her staple accessory – a pen necklace; and Roger Sterling is looking dapper in his monogrammed shirt.

Fans can get exclusive collectable sketch drawings of the “Mad Men” Barbie Collector dolls when the Season Three DVD was released on March 23, 2010, as each DVD set will include one of the four character sketches. The Mad Men: Season Three DVD contains all 13 episodes of the season and is also loaded with hours of special features including extensive commentaries and innovative featurettes that examine the historical events that shaped 1963.

The Barbie® Fashion Model Collection “Mad Men” Barbie® dolls will be available for a suggested retail price of $74.95. Available at BarbieCollector.com, amctv.com and select retailers.

I have to say I have never seen this TV show but the dolls look fantastic!