Superdoll’s House of Zenith in Paris

I will be attending the off schedule House of Zenith event taking place on the 9th March during the weekend on the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. This is a special event organised by X&S Productions in association with Superdoll.

House of Zenith are a new line of 12″ beauties first announced at last years PFDF and launched at Superdoll’s London convention in October last year. I am super excited to actually get my hands on one! The event doll is called AVENUE and it looks like her clone name is France Fontana. Very intriguing! It will also be great to see all my Paris friends again, after not being there for several years now.

The image of the event flyer below is being used under the agreement of XS Productions. Please do not use without proper authorisation.

London Fashion Doll Festival

London Fashion Doll Festival Tickets are GO!

As the Chairman of the London Fashion Doll Festival, I am delighted that all the hard work from the team in our planning stages has finally paid off and we can now announce that LFDF will be taking place on 30th June 2018 at the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London. The theme for our inaugural event will be WONDERLAND, in homage to Lewis Carrol’s most eccentrically English creation.

This one-day event will be a celebration of Fashion Dolls, in all their all shapes and sizes, and the adults who adore and collect them. There will be Presentations, Exhibitions, a Sales Space, OOAK Charity Dolls, Raffles and Competitions, Centrepiece Dolls, plus all manner of things… Not to mention a spot of tea and refreshments – Mad Hats optional!

The LFDF 2018 is organised by members of the London Fashion Doll Club, a not for profit organisation dedicated to the love of fashion dolls. Money raised from the day will be donated to the V&A Museum of Childhood and proceeds from our Charity eBay Doll Auctions will be donated to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity.

As well as the activities and attractions mentioned above, the Festival entry price includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Festival goodie bag and gifts
  • One free charity raffle ticket
  • A spot of afternoon tea
  • A strictly limited edition and exclusive fashion by MicroSonik London in your choice of 12 or 16-inch doll scale
  • PLUS a whole heap of surprises!

Additional breakout events will be announced in the next few weeks.

London Fashion Doll Festival tickets are on sale now here. A limited number of Seller’s Tickets are also available which will include entry to the event plus the use of a regular or large sales table during set times during the day.

So whether you collect 12″ or 16″ scale, BJD fashion dolls or Barbie, we can’t wait for you to venture down the rabbit hole to join us in WONDERLAND!

Item # 91429 Malefique Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty® Collection The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale Official Convention Doll Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Malefique Elyse Jolie, the Integrity Toys Fashion Fairytale Convention Doll

The Fashion Fairytale that was the 2017 Integrity Toys 2017 Convention came to a close yesterday with a gala dinner and the unveiling of the Official Convention Doll by non-other than Jason Wu himself. Her name is Malefique Elyse Jolie and here she is:

Malefique Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty® Collection The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Elyse Jolie Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Official Convention Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

It seems Jason is very fond of Elyse at the moment and for some time come to that. I would love to see a more close up look at the dress detail but if I was the recipient of this Eliyse I think I would be very happy. I don’t always like big gowns but I do love a girl all in black! Her hair is great too and I love her make-up.

The ballroom where the Gala Dinner was held was also decorated with Frosted Glamour Adèle Makéda centrepiece dolls.

Item #91430
Frosted Glamour
Adèle Makéda Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Gala Dinner Event Centerpiece Doll
Edition Size: 420 Dolls

I’m not such a fan of this one. I think the bodice gives her a rather unflattering shape. The fabric looks great in the close-up shot though but maybe a little too heavy for the upper half of the dress. Her make-up is to die for!

The build-a-giftset doll, Sweet Dreams Nadja Rhymes, also came to full fruition with her outfit being given out to attendees.
Nadja Rhymes

Item # 82090C
Sweet Dreams
Welcome Multi-Part Giftset
Nadja Rhymes Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Edition Size: 600 Outfits
It was also announced that next year’s convention will be taking place in Portland, Oregon. I’ve always wanted to go there so maybe I should start saving some pennies!

So what do you think of the final Convention dolls? Where you there in person? Do let me know in the comments section below.

Madrid Fashion Doll Show 2017 is Upon Us

Last night I arrived in a very sunny Madrid for -you guessed it- the Madrid Fashion Doll Show, 2017. This will be my first Convention of 2017 as I missed my usual jaunts to Paris and Milan due to some pesky real life commitments infringing upon my doll life. Needless to say, because of this, I am very excited for the weekend ahead, especially as the Angel, Lilly-Dom, will be here too!

I registered this morning and have a lovely bag and goodies inside. Tonight we have the fashion show and a ‘Meet The Crew’ event.

I will try to update the blog when I can but for more instantaneous coverage of the convention be sure to follow our Social Media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Integrity Toys Convention 2017 is a Fashion Fairytale

Integrity Toys Convention 2017 Will be a Fashion Fairytale

The long-awaited full details for the Integrity Toys Convention 2017 have just been revealed. However, if you were hoping to attend and you are not a member of the W Club, then it is unlikely you will be going. Places were offered up to W Club members on a first come first served basis yesterday, and the convention sold out in record time; despite some frustrating technical issues for many.

Technical problems like this seem par for the course for high demand events and are often beyond the control of the organisers. Anyone who tried to get hold of Kate Bush tickets in 2014 will vouch for that. Frustrating I know but it’s all part of the excitement if you ask me! The convention is entitled Fashion Fairytale and will be held in Orlando, Florida USA from the 18th to the 21st October 2017. The hotel is the Hyatt Regency Orlando. I love Hyatt Hotel! Here is the official blurb:

Once upon a time, there were little fashionistas who love to tell a good story and dress the part for it! Always on trend, these girls and boys know how to dress to impress… And they lived fashionably ever after!

Join the characters of Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, NU. Face and THE INDUSTRY on a weekend adventure like no other as they are set to explore what dream like style can be, inspiring themselves from well known fairytales and other beloved fantastic stories to truly express their creativity!

As well as a comprehensive convention package there is an extra upgrade doll gift set up for grabs for conventioneers and non-attendees alike. Convention-goers will get a discount. Jason Wu designed the outfit, and she is ‘Fashionably Ruthless Tatyana ALexandrova. At this point, we have only sketches to go on. Not sure why there isn’t a prototype, but apparently we won’t see one until nearer to the convention. I hope this isn’t going to be a trend going forward…

‘Fashionably Ruthless’ Tatyana Alexandrova Dressed Doll Gift Set, Integrity Toys Convention 2017 ‘Fashion Fairytale’ Upgrade

Tatyana is $200 for non-attendees and $175 for attendees. Her 101 Dalmatians influence is evident (when did that become a fairytale, btw?) and she comes with a red cigarette holder… I will probably order her!

Whilst I don’t mind fairytales themselves I don’t always like it when they are reinterpreted in “high fashion” form. I was never a fan when Tonner tried it at least. Hopefully, IT will come up with something incredible and I will eat my words.

I won’t be going this year but I am going to start saving for next year – as well as all the other events I want to go to! So did you manage to secure your place at the Integrity Toys Convention 2017? Will this be your Fairytale come true?  Let me know in the comments section below.

paris fashion doll festival 2017 convention dolls - superdoll and barbie

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictures of the convention exclusive dolls.

First up we have Superdoll‘s Friday night cocktail event Sybarite doll, Fanfares D’Amour. She is a Gen4 resin doll.

Fanfares D’Amour, FPFD 2017 Exclusive Sybarite Doll

I love her glamorous look  and her baguette purse (for that it is) is to die for!

Next up was the Exclusive Barbie doll, designed by Bill Greening and donated by Mattel

PFDF 2017 Convention Exclusive Barbie

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Barbie

Let’s  just remember she is comes free from Mattel. So play nice people.

At the Sunday Salesroom, and for those with the stamina to be the first in the queue, there was another Superdoll Exclusive to be had. Again she is a resin doll and her name is Reve Rose and she is a colour variation of the Friday event doll. She was 600 Euros.

Reve Rose, PFDF 2017 Sunday Salesroom Exclusive Sybarite Doll

So there we have it for another year, in Paris at least. There’s still a lot of Conventions to come and I will be at at least 2 of these this year.

So what do you think of this year’s Paris offerings? Let me know in the comments section below.

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016

This weekend saw the Rome Fashion Doll Convention 2016 take place in – if you couldn’t guess already – Rome. The theme for this Year was ‘FASHIONABLE’.

There was not one, but two, exclusive dolls. The first was a Robert Best designed, articulated Silkstone Classic Black Dress variation. This time a strawberry blonde doll with the same outfit as the Paris exclusive.

Next was an event exclusive doll B White Barbie. This doll was a limited edition of 170. One for each of the convention attendees. Her design was inspired by the Fashionable theme of the convention.  She was created by the event organisers Artist Creations in collaboration with other Italian designers.

As always there was much fun and merriment to be had. The sales room also takes place today as well as yesterday. You can see great coverage of the event on the Fashion Doll Collecting UK Facebook page.

So what do you thnk of the dolls? Where you there this weekend? Let me know in the comments below.

*All photos courtesy of my doll good friend, Sofia Kalaitzidi.

Saving Grace Eugenia Perrin Frost Integrity Toys Cinematic Convention

Cinematic Convention Upgrade, Saving Grace Eugenia


This year’s Cinematic Integrity Toys convention, set to take place in Long Beach in October, sold out is record time. However, even if you didn’t manage to secure a place you could still get your hands on a convention doll… well if you’re a W Club member that is!

Reigning Grace Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty Collection 2015 Cinematic Convention Upgrade

Saving Grace Eugenia Perrin Frost Integrity Toys Cinematic Convention

  • Limited Edition Size: TBA
  • Delivery Date: Approximately Late October 2015
  • Special Pricing: Convention Attendees: $125.00 (pick-up or shipping options will be offered with final payment)*
  • Non-Attendees (W Club Members only): $150.00 + shipping* *A $25 deposit is required immediately at pre-order to reserve your doll.

Reigning Grace Eugenia is ready for her big appearance on screen! Delicately styled to match her Fashion Royalty friends in the convention collection, this preview doll is brought to you by the Integrity Toys design team. The special preview fashion sketch is by Jessy Ayala!

So are you tempted to order Eugenia? Let me know in the comments section below!

#PFDF 2015 Saturday Luncheon

For the first time in the 5 years that I have been to the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, I left the bar on the Superdoll Friday at a decent time and was therefore in fine form for the Saturday Luncheon. This year I was also on a ‘Sybarite Table’ with the access to Salon and Chalk White Sybarites that this affords. Thank you to Izzy and Catherine for letting me gaze at their beautiful dolls and for giving permission to share pictures.

This year the was no special guest from Mattel, such as Robert Best and Linda Kyaw, as in previous years. However, there was a rep from Mattel France present who was thrust on stage to say a few words. There were also no big reveals or video presentations other than two advertising the upcoming Italian Fashion Doll Conventions in Milan and Rome.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

There was the traditional fancy dress fashion show which is always entertaining. My favourite contestant was Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, but everyone made a huge effort. In the free-for-all to take pics at the end, I completely missed out on who won!

After the fashion show, it was time for the convention doll to be unveiled. Well, I say unveiled in the loosest of terms, as we found out what the doll would be about two weeks before and it was also the same as the Japanese convention doll. However, it was fun to see the young lady come onto the stage dressed as the convention doll and do a routine to Liza Minelli’s ‘Cabaret’. Her tap was rather spot on too!

So here is the doll I received: ‘Spotlight on Broadway’. For those that have asked – she is articulated above the waist but here legs are of the rigid model muse variety. After the presentation of the convention doll, it was time to divvy out the table gifts and the centrepiece doll. I was lucky number 5 at the table and won the centrepiece doll – a The Look Red Carpet Blue Jumpsuit Barbie!

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

So here are some more snaps from the event (including me with Miss B.) To see more be sure the check out the Facebook Page.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

So what do you think? Where you there too? Do share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention Gene Marshall

JAMIEShow ‘Le Jazz Hot’ Convention

Yesterday saw the announcement of this year’s JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention set to take place over 3 days this May in Chicago, USA. Not only will the convention be celebrating 5 years of the JAMIEShow doll line but also the 20th Anniversary of Mel Odem’s iconic doll, Gene Marshall.

See below for all the details.

JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention Gene Marshall

Do you plan to go to the JAMIEShow convention? Let me know in the comments section below…

Integrity Toys Convention 2011 Jet Set

Integrity Toys Convention 20122 – Jet Set: 10 Years of Fashion Royalty!

Integrity Toys have announced their convention for 2011 which takes place in Chicago, October 6-8. Here the publicity blurb:

10 years ago this year, the world of fashion doll collecting changed forever when two very special characters were discreetly unveiled during Toy Fair 2001 and no one actually suspected what would soon follow. Everyone who either heard about newcomers Adèle Makéda and Véronique Perrin or managed to catch a glimpse of Jason Wu’s new original creations were immediately intrigued. Everyone wondered, “What’s this Fashion Royalty we keep hearing about”? Soon enough they would find out and the doll collecting world would change for the better and for good!

The many exciting characters who live in the world of Fashion Royalty have indeed become the true jet setting trendsetters of the doll world and they want to share a bit of their glamorous lifestyle with you as the Integrity Team celebrates the 10th anniversary of the No.1 doll line of the last decade! Join the party of the year and discover what it’s like to live a fashionable royal life as they do and celebrate a milestone in FR history!

It’s Time to Celebrate, so Let’s do it in Style!

This year, we’ve decided to pull out all the stops and make this celebration something to remember for years to come. Our designers have created exquisite souvenirs and all sorts of incredible goodies that you have come to expect from our event and more!

A thoroughly modern comeback

Integrity Toys make their debut at IDEX this year and one of the first on the list of their revelations for 2011 is a sneak peak at the comeback of one of their favourite characters Veronique Perrin. Entitled Modern Comeback, she is a basic lingerie dolls and comes in both blonde and dark hair styles with co-ordinating basques. Both are due in March 2011 as IT Direct exclusives priced at $90 via W Club lottery.

“Veronique looks stunning as she wears a one piece black lingerie outfit with matching black stockings for her debut.  Her long, raven  hair (rooted) falls gently around her shoulders.  Veronique wears stud earrings and has matching black shoes.  Veronique is back and ready to get into the game!”

“This version of Veronique compliments the raven haired doll perfectly!  Blonde and beautiful, Veronique has an identical set of lingerie, only her outfit is in black and pink colors with black stockings.  This blonde bombshell also wears stud earrings.  Veronique sets her sights on leading W Cosmetics into another fabulous year!”