Happy World Doll Day 2017

Happy World Doll Day 2017

Happy World Doll Day 2017On the second Saturday of June, we celebrate World Doll Day. The event was first thought up by renowned doll collector and prolific author of doll books, Mildred Seeley. She wanted the day to be a celebration of dolls, but also a day when we think of those less fortunate and give or donate a doll to a child or adult in need. Or just out of pure love and kindness.

This is the letter Mildred wrote in 1986 that started it all:

So, you have not heard of World Doll Day? This is not surprising as of an hour ago, I hadn’t conceived the idea. To make it happen. I need cooperation of every doll collector, every magazine editor, doll newsletter, doll shop, library, doll maker, mother, grand­mother, father, grandfather, and all the stray aunts and uncles. The first World Doll Day is the Second Saturday of June 1986. Give a doll to a grownup, child in the family or just a friend. If you don’t have a child to give a doll to – find one. There are many children with no dolls.

world doll day 2017

The World Day Day logo was created by artist Boots Tyner and represents a child with a German bisque doll–her gift. The logo was designed for free use to promote this special day.


Think of it this way and ship a doll to another country. I have always felt that the common doll could be an instrument of world understanding. From the first time I started writing books on doll making, I had the hope that dolls would help make friends all over the world and develop a little love among all.

World Doll Day will also be a day for doll exhibits. It is my hope that all libraries will have a special doll exhibit. Museums will publicize their doll exhibits and have special doll exhibits at this time. Magazines will put out special editions. Doll stores will put on campaigns weeks ahead. Doll Makers will make special dolls for World Doll Day. There will be doll competitions with World Doll Day awards, plaques and trophies.

The logo is made from artist Boots Tyner’s doll representing a child. The child carries a German bisque doll to represent this doll collectors gift. Feel free to copy the logo or have one made.

Everyone can enjoy the fun as there are no fees, no permission needed, no obligations, nobody owns the day, no club, no company. It’s a free- for- all, take up the day, its ideas and fly with it. Lets do it now. World Doll Day.

If you think World Doll Day is a good idea, then appoint yourself a committee of one to do something about it–only then can it become a reality. Would you tell five people, ask them to tell five people, and each of them tell five people and so on. World Doll Day’s birthday is June 14, 1986.

Mil and Vernon Seeley

P.S. This letter may be copied and copied again and again until the world knows about World Doll Day.

So, how will you be celebrating World Doll Day?

My Muse Magazine goes from strength to strength

My Muse issue number 2 dropped into my inbox a couple of days ago and I must say I have enjoyed it immensely. Whilst not all dolls featured would be my chosen type, the photography is so invention and stunningly undertaken that I simply don’t mind! This magazine really is a feast for the eyes and is rather inspirational in its representation of dolls as works of art.

There’s also a rather fun dress making and photography competition in this month’s issue!

My Muse Website

My Muse Facebook Page

The Bratz Dolls Are Back!

The Bratz Dolls Are Back!

Well, it’s official, the girls with the fashion for passion and a knack for getting the world’s mothers all hot under the collar are set to be back with a vengeance. Having come through the ravages of various legal battles with Barbie‘s maker Mattel Bratz dolls are cleared for sale once again.

Whether, with the current backlash against the sexualization of young girls, they will be quite as successful this time around remains to be seen…

Bratz are back. Barbie better watch out!

Take advantage of this Tonner offer

Just a few hours to take advantage of this brilliant Tonner offer:


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The 2010 DOTY winners announced!

Doll Reader magazine has announced the 2010 DOTY Public’s’s Choice Winners. I must say I am unfamiliar with all of these dolls (especially the baby dolls… shudders!). A shame also not to see a Superdoll on the list this year too!

Children’s Play Doll: Lola, by JC Toys Group

Collectible Baby Doll: Pretty in Pink, by Ashton-Drake Galleries

Collectible Miniature: Doll Blossom, by Askton-Drake Galleries

Collectible Fashion and/or BJD: Simply Alice, by Kimberly Lasher, Lasher Studios

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less than $175: Centennial Rose Patsy, by Effanbee Doll Co.

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, More than $175: Romy, by Heidi Plusczok

Collectible Porcelain Doll: Marilyn Monroe – Eternally Marilyn, the Franklin Mint

Collectible Manufacturer’s Artist Doll, Less than $250: Jada, by Monika Peter-Leicht, MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Manufacturer’s Artist Doll, More than $250: Shani, by Hildegard Günzel

Artist Baby Doll: Annie, by Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Originals

Artist Miniature Doll: Livia – Victorian Bride, Anna Hardman

Artist Doll, Less than $1,250: Allison, by Henry and Zofia Zawieruszynski

Artist Doll, More than $1,250: Schneewittchen, Princess Snow White, Hildegard Günzel

OOAK Dolls, Less than $1,250: Captured, by Roxanna Maria Sullivan

OOAK Dolls, More than $1,250: Our Small Sister, by Gabriele Mueller for Gaby-Dolls

Haute Doll magazine bows out

One of the brightest stars in the fashion doll world will soon be no more

It is with great sadness that I have learnt that Haute Doll magazine, a perennial favourite amongst fashion doll lovers, will soon be no more. It seems that the the publishers has become yet another victim to the ongoing economic downturn and have decided to ‘retire’ from publishing as from the July/September issue.

Although the magazine will no longer be published as is we do know that it will become a ‘supplement’ in Doll Reader, published by Madavor Media. The first of these is due to be published in October. It is not yet known if there will continue to be the exclusive dolls that we have come to know and look out for. Particularly the Sybarite lovers amongst us who have long benefited from the special relationship the Superfrock boys had with HD.

Say hello to Maverick!

The Superfrock boys are very close to releasing an all new Sybarite body design. To mark the event there will be 2, very last “Mark 2” body dolls, released at a very limited release of 75. The old body moulds have been destroyed and these gals will be the very last of their kind!

The first doll, which landed on planet Superfrock today, is called Maverick. This rather lovely doll sports the Venus D’Royce clone face. Many fans have likened her looks to the basic Venus, released a couple of years ago. I have to agree… to a degree. However the face-up does have very subtle differences and colouring. And she is nevertheless gorgeous! The wig is to die for and the outfit sublime! Go to Superfock now to see for yourself and look out for her sister Mantilla coming very soon!!

This is her blurb:

Maverick ED: 75
(as seen in promo image for 2010 Valentine excl. gown ‘After Midnight’)
Venus d’Royce. clone: 777.
Neutral yet colourful. Serene yet demanding!
Gorgeous Venus appears in shades of nude and reptile with
just a dash of DAYGLO lime! Chantilly lace nude mantilla, silk satin and silk chiffon backless midrif blouse, lime beaded skirt, crystal and metalic hose. ankle boots in faux lizard!
10 matching bracelets and dark burnt plum armlets. hairbows in matching lime and nude corsage!
Turquoisey jade eyes, neurtral shadow, pale guava lips & applied brown eyelashes.
Everything you ever wanted in a gate keeper… and then some.”

top 10 fashion doll wants

My Top 10 Fashion Doll Wants!

I’ve had a severe case of writer’s block these last few weeks and in order to stir the creative juices decided to make a plea via Twitter for some inspirational suggestions. One very helpful Twitter-er, Mothdoll, suggested writing about the dolly things I’d like to see but aren’t yet true. Well, that really got me thinking and therefore here are my very own “Top 10 Fashion Doll Wants”!

  1. I love an articulated doll. In fact, I adore the realistic poses they can achieve as opposed to the “zombie” look of less articulated dolls (Miss B take a bow!). However, and it pains me to admit, I do have a wee bit of an issue with ugly joints. There we go I’ve said it, no matter how I try I just can’t get past UGLY joints! They can mar photos and they make me point blank refuse to put a doll in shorts! So please doll inventor people come up with a way of making articulation look more real, just like those beautiful faces you so wonderfully create.
  2. Can someone please stop Robert Tonner jumping on every single franchise bandwagon and start concentrating on designing fashion dolls? You know those very things that made him what he is and made us all adore him for his great talent! I mean ballerina Wizard of Oz dolls? Whatever next!
  3. What I’d also love to see is far more accessories for the 16” brigade. By that, I mean things like furniture, diorama items, backdrops and anything that can make their environments that bit more realistic. As a child I always loved playsets and I’d love to see “official” environments for my dolls to be displayed and photographed in.
  4. Less harmful packaging, please! Why should it take an hour to debox a doll and drag half a headful of hair out of their head in the process!
  5. Please no more dead baby dolls creeping into fashion doll shows/sales rooms. It’s like oil and water and just ain’t right I’m afraid!
  6. I’d love to see more realistic short hairstyles because how many women do you know that have hair down to their beltline?
  7. Sort out the prices. I mean I may be an adult collector but does that mean I have to pay prices that would make a millionaire wince? I love my dolls but I do have to eat! Although. that said, I could go without if Superdoll has a particularly wonderful trifle on offer…
  8. As a UK resident, I would love to see some actual real life doll shops rather than just relying on the Internet and evilbay.
  9. And as a UK resident why of why are US shipping rates so darned expensive!
  10. Finally please can it be the law that celebrity likenesses be actual likenesses rather than bizarre recycled moulds!


So there is my top 10. Does anyone agree or disagree or have any other suggestions? Please comment and let me know.

Mattel’s Mad Hatter!

Although I am not exactly a fan of Tim Burton I am a fan of the Alice in Wonderland story. So I must say my first look at this photo of Mattel’s Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter have rather impressed me. The sculpt looks amazingly accurate and the outfit has great attention to detail. Here is the Mattel blurb:

“Tim Burton brings his unique take on a favorite story to the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland. Here, the Mad Hatter doll wears a costume exactingly re-created from the movie. From his delightful top hat that frames his cartoonish features and curly red locks to his colorful costume, this is one adorable doll you’ll go mad for!”

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Superfrock hint at new website and REEF gown!

A new announcement from the Superdoll HQ hints that the Superfrock website will soon be updated and indeed there is a new holding page. And well done to those who managed to get hold of the REEF gown. I didn’t 🙁 It was truely a stunner!

Dear Patron, Customer and Fan…. 06 February 2009 S.D.H.Q London

Supersite under construction. Online shopping, business as usual…

and then some…

Okay, no complaints about the weather this time… we are learning to love and embrace the snow, a rarity here in London. The purpose of this email is to firstly squeal our absolute delight at the awesome accolade that is the 2009 Doty Awards. We are delighted to have received an Industries Choice Doty once again this year for Queen B; our MarlB exclusive.

In celebration of this, the ‘girls’ needed a new gown… and it seems one of them won! Reef, a gorgeous slithering concoction of transparency, hand beading and shades of coral, pink and red….. Available from our site later today! Be there!