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Kingdom Doll at PFDF 2015

Kingdon Doll, the 16″ Resin Fashion doll brand and recent #DOFDAs Winner, will be at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival in March. This is the first time they will be there and to mark the occasion they will be bringing with...

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Gone in 60 Seconds

Well perhaps it wasn’t quite 60 seconds but it certainly wasn’t very long after 6PM GMT yesterday when the 75 Solitaire dolls went up on the Superdoll site that she sold out, leaving several eager collectors with...

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Solitaire on Sale TOMORROW!

Superdoll just unleashed a video reveal of their latest Sybarite creation, Solitaire, who sports the new Generation_X body and Venus_1000 sculpt. Not only is the video a stunning creation the doll herself is AMAZING! A beautiful...

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