JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention Gene Marshall

JAMIEShow ‘Le Jazz Hot’ Convention

Yesterday saw the announcement of this year’s JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention set to take place over 3 days this May in Chicago, USA. Not only will the convention be celebrating 5 years of the JAMIEShow doll line but also the 20th Anniversary of Mel Odem’s iconic doll, Gene Marshall.

See below for all the details.

JAMIEShow Le Jazz Hot Convention Gene Marshall

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jamieshow trent osborn double life

JAMIEshow Trent Osborn: “A DOUBLE LIFE”

What with all the Christmas hullabaloo (hope you had a good one BTW) I am rather late reporting this, but thought this new doll from JAMIEshow was well worth the mention. In case you haven’t already seen JAMIEshow’s hugely successful version of Gene Marshall is now joined by her beau Trent Osborn, and he too is now in BJD resin.

This first Trent is a basic doll; coming with only his vest, paisley boxer shorts and slippers. Not the most sexy get up by modern standards but in keeping with the 1940’s time period and the film ‘A Double Life’, a film noir, which he is appearing in. If you already have an older version of Trent you are in luck as this new incarnation can share his clothes as well as wear the new ones also available through JAMIEshow. Trent also comes with a rather neat carry case:

As well as 2 wig caps:

jamieshow tent osborn double life wig caps

I think this Trent is wonderful and with his greater BJD flexibility, he is a real winner. The case is worth the price of admission alone!
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