madame alexander cissy

Jason Wu Works Magic With Cissy

L’Enfant Terriblé, with green eyes, bright red hair in a side-parted ponytail and black nails, has an incredibly daring look

The Cissy fashion doll by Madame Alexander was first manufactured in 1955 and was described at the time as “the doll with the figure and features of a debutante, is the newest and most exciting doll in the world.” She featured a more adult body shape, arched feet for high heels and articulation previously unknown at that time. She was, in fact, the forerunner of fashion dolls as we know them, including Barbie who came along 4 years later.

It was with great interest then that I learnt Cissy was to have a makeover thanks to uber-designer of dolls Jason Wu and his unique talent and vision. The collections he has come up with are divided into two: the ‘NEOCissy’, which is futuristic and edgy and the more classic, 50’s flavoured, ‘Cissy Collection’. Both collections consist of three dolls each possessing an increased level of articulation due to 15 joints. The dolls, therefore, lend themselves to more realistic poseability and are 16” and 21” in height respectively.

Both Jason Wu collections will be available at FAO Schwarz and online at as soon as August 2010.