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The 2010 DOTY winners announced!

Doll Reader magazine has announced the 2010 DOTY Public’s’s Choice Winners. I must say I am unfamiliar with all of these dolls (especially the baby dolls… shudders!). A shame also not to see a Superdoll on the list...

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Haute Doll magazine bows out

It is with great sadness that I have learnt that Haute Doll magazine, a perennial favourite amongst fashion doll lovers, will soon be no more. It seems that the the publishers has become yet another victim to the ongoing...

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Facebook bans doll nipples!

Facebook has entered into the it’s very own controversial nipple-gate scandal after banning a photo belonging Victoria Buckley  a jewellery designer from Sydney, Australia to showing a nude doll designed by Marina Bychkova...

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Say hello to Maverick!

The Superfrock boys are very close to releasing an all new Sybarite body design. To mark the event there will be 2, very last “Mark 2” body dolls, released at a very limited release of 75. The old body moulds have...

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Mattel’s Mad Hatter!

Although I am not exactly a fan of Tim Burton I am a fan of the Alice in Wonderland story. So I must say my first look at this photo of Mattel’s Johnny Depp‘s Mad Hatter have rather impressed me. The sculpt looks...

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