Tonner Wonder Woman Doll is now in Store

The long-awaited -and much-anticipated- Wonder Woman doll by Tonner Doll is now on sale on their website. What a beauty she is! After seeing the sneaks at some of the details of the set over the last few months I had high hoped for this incarnation of WW but did have a worry that Tonner would not be able to carry off the likeness and sculpt. I can happily report that those concerns were unfounded. The sculpt and face up is AMAZING! The beauty of Gal Gadot is plain to see.

She is being sold as a standalone doll or as a deluxe/bundle doll with the sword, shield and stand. Here is the site description:

The warrior Princess from Themoscara takes form as a 16” character figure of expertly engineered injected plastic and vinyl. The totally new body has 15 points of articulation and Gal Gadot’s likeness is captured in exquisite detail. The finest saran is use to create lifelike hair set off with an accurate, highly detailed crown.  Battle armor is a must for Wonder Woman and the extreme detail of this set is made for a Goddess.  Accurately sculpted depicting her movie costume, the WW armor consists of a molded breast plate with a genuine leather battle skirt; her armband and gauntlets are made of real metal. Wonder Woman carries her golden lasso in a genuine leather harness.   Boots are made of detailed vinyl and resin.  Figure comes with changeable open hands, fists and gripping hands.

So are you blown away by this wonderful Wonder Woman? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

tonner wonder woman

2010 Fall/Holiday Tonner collection goes live

In yet more Tonner news; it was announced yesterday that the very latest 2010 Fall/Holiday collection had gone live on the Tonner Doll site.

Screenshot of Judy Garland from the trailer fo...

Scarecrow is a chick ...oh my!

Quite a mixed bunch at first glance with variations on several ongoing themes such as shrunken a Harry Potter and female variations of the Wizard of Oz trio of male characters. Interesting to some I’m sure but not really floating my boat. Some of the

Some progress on the proper fashion doll front though, if a little meagre. But nice to see some action in the Tyler camp with be-wigged basic dolls and a denim theme boutique collection. Oh and a few Antoinette gals too.

Take advantage of this Tonner offer

Just a few hours to take advantage of this brilliant Tonner offer:


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Tonner Doll on the move

The Tonner Doll Company today announced it is moving its corporate headquarters to 301 Wall Street, corner of John Street, in uptown Kingston after 10 years at its leased location at 459 Hurley Avenue in Hurley.
Robert Tonner, CEO of the Tonner Doll Company, purchased the building earlier this month. “For years, I’ve been looking for a special building that has architectural integrity and also has the space requirements we need,” Tonner said. “I’m thrilled that we found one in uptown Kingston.”

Built in 1887, 301 Wall Street most recently was the home of Chase Bank and has been vacant for just about one year. Tonner hopes to complete the move by May 1, once renovations are complete. “The roof needs some work and we are refurbishing the second and third floors,” Tonner explained. “The second floor will be restored to what it was back in the 1940’s,” he added.

The new home of Tonner Doll will house the design, production, sales, marketing, finance and administrative staff; a total of 17 employees. “Part of my whole belief is that change, while painful at times, is good,” Tonner admitted. “I think this space will give us a new creative energy.”

Opening in 1991, the internationally renowned Tonner Doll Company has been a staple in Ulster County for nearly two decades. The Tonner Doll Company designs and manufactures collectible fashion dolls, child character dolls and licensed character figures such as HARRY POTTER and WONDER WOMAN.

In 2007, Tonner purchased 12/14 Hurley Avenue in Kingston and made extensive renovations before opening the Tonner Company Store there in December, 2007, which will remain at its current location. The renovation received two local awards; one from the Chamber of Commerce of Ulster County, and another from the Friends of Historic Kingston.

Tonner plans to lease out the street level of 301 Wall Street. Rental information would be through Harris Safier, Broker Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty Ltd. at 914-388-3351. Safier represented Tonner in the purchase of the building from J.P. Morgan Chase.

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Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010- Part 2

Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival Part 2

The main event on the Saturday of Paris Fashion Doll Festival weekend is the banquet luncheon and the silent auction that precedes it. However, the day was getting off to a rather shaky start what with all festivities of the previous night at ‘Disco 3000’ and we were running, or rather shuffling, somewhat late. We needn’t have worried, of course, as according to custom the Luncheon was running even later! After a quick reconnoitre of the auction dolls on display outside the main hall (which were lovely but luckily for my wallet nothing for which I wanted to bid) it was time to find our table.

The table centrepiece dolls comprised of the aformerly mentioned Astronaut Barbie repro and silver clad Tonner Friday Fosters. The other eight guests at our table were perfectly fine and the chatter was suitably doll related. The food, however, was far from fine, especially for us vegans, despite a promising salad starter. When our main courses eventually came it was simply a plate of vegetables and overcooked ones at that! The rest of our table seemed similarly displeased with the duck, which largely went half eaten. One of the table gifts was a Superfrock fan, which came in very handy as the room became increasingly tropical!

The events were entertaining enough with a slide show celebrating 10 years of Silkstone Barbie. During the slide show, each table had to identify the original vintage Barbie inspiration doll or outfit behind the Silkstones in order to win prizes. Who knew that such a simple premise would lead to lead to dollgate! As so many tables had top scores there was a draw to choose an overall winner and the prizes were suitably distributed. However, it turned out that Kathy, the event organiser, had read out the winning score and not the table number, quelle horreur! The excruciating process of reclaiming the prizes and redrawing a new winning table then took place. Although one of the Barbie hatboxes prizes didn’t make it’s way back. Oops!

Paris exclusive Ellowynne Wilde

We were then treated to the fashion show, which was great fun, especially with the very cute children who took part. It was great to see all the effort people had put into making the matching outfits to their favourite dolls. Eventually, it was time to distribute the other festival exclusive dolls, Ellowyne Wilde and Antoinette, to those who had reserved them. The centrepiece dolls were eventually raffled off to lucky winners on each table and it was time to disperse and reconvene later that evening for the Superdoll museum opening.

ToCK on display in the salesroom. Photo courtesy of a wonderful Flickr friend

The last day of the festival was the show and sale and delegates from the festival had early entry in order to bag those bargains. The sales room was huge and quite daunting at first glance. The infiltration of newborn dolls into a Fashion Doll event was somewhat surprising and one attendee was even heard to say, “let me look at a real doll instead of dead babies” whilst gazing upon a Sybarite! The Sybarite in question was the exquisite ToCK, the spiritual sister of TiCK the Superdoll event exclusive from Disco 3000. She was a limited edition of 100 and most were sold at the event with the remainder on sale at the Superfrock site for a very short time a few days later. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on her on both occasions!

Oh well, there is always next year as I can see that this Paris lark will become an annual pilgrimage for this particular doll observer…

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

The Paris Doll Expo site has been updated with an itinerary of the weekend’s events. Needless to say I am getting most excited at the prospect of the Superfrock “Disco 3000” event on Friday evening. Especially to see what the exclusive doll will be, given that the theme of the festival is “Haute Couture of the Future”. Charles and Desmond are bound to have a field day with it!

Peep was the exclusive Sybarite at the 2009 Festival

There will be 3 other exclusive makers dolls available, Mattel‘s Barbie, Robert Tonner’s Antoinette and Wilde Imagination’s Ellowyne Wilde. Again it will be interesting to see what other designers will come up with.

An added bonus is the recently announced exhibition at the Paris Doll Museum entitled “Nouvelles Icônes – Des Poupées Pandores aux Sybarites” which runs from 14 March to 19 September 2010. There will also be yet another exclusive doll available through the museum named “Slipper” and she will be unveiled at the exhibition opening. Find more information about the exhibition here.

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Tonner – Doctor Who??

Tonner spent many a moon getting final clearance from the BBC for their Dr Who and Torchwood dolls. In the meantime there has been a new Doctor and his companions have have come and gone a fair few times since Martha Jones travelled through time and space with our favourite Time Lord! And now the dolls are finally revealed I am far from convinced by the sculpts… Maybe it is time for Tonner to give more attention to the woefully neglected Tyler Wentworth range instead of chasing any opportunity that comes to mind. After all do that many toy/doll collectors outside of the UK even know who these characters are?

Take a look at the Tonner Dr Who page & the Tonner Torchwood page and judge for yorself…

Tonner 2010 Preview

On the 29th January 2010 Robert Tonner will unveil his 2010 Collection. You can see a selection on the Tonner website. No sign of any new additions to the Tyler Wentworth line but a few for Roberts Doll Du Jour Antoinette. Follow the link below to go straight to the preview:

Tonner 2010 Preview

Antoinette goes live

A message from Robert Tonner:

Dear Friends,

I would like to take a minute to share a very exciting project I’ve been working on. You might have heard about Antoinette™, she has been my muse for quite awhile, and tomorrow I would like to share her with you.

Antoinette™, is a 16″ fashion doll with a brand new face and body sculpt. She takes on many different looks depending on her skin tone, hair color and face paint.

I have been working on the design and engineering of Antoinette™ to achieve a high fashion mannequin whose body and jointing become the perfect foil for my passion-designing clothing. I think this is one of the most outstanding clothing collections that the Tonner Doll Company has ever produced.

Joe and I are thrilled with the way she wears our new collection (designed for you to enjoy and for Antoinette™ to display). In fact I will offer her as a blank mannequin (a first for Tonner) to enhance the display of perhaps my most unique clothing collection to date, with no compromise in fabrication or construction (always a designers’ dream).

Tomorrow, at 1:00pm the complete Antoinette™ collection is going live on

I want to personally invite all of you to take a look and let me know what you think. Please email your comments to [email protected]


Tonner Reveals Antoinette at IDEX

At the 2009 IDEX Doll Show in Florida Tonner Dolls unveiled a brand new fashion doll to their already swollen roster called Antoinette. She is 16″ tall and has 15 points of articulation. I must say I am a little disappointed mostly because when I saw the name Antoinette announced on the Tonner website at the end of January I rather imagined Marie Antoinette the rudely deceased Queen of France! Instead we get a rather bland looking Teen Model type and judging by the distinct lack of new dolls in Tonner’s signature fashion doll Tyler Wentworth’s 2009 range she is the focus of Roberts current attentions. Maybe Tyler is biding her time until her marriage to Matt O’Neill takes place in June this year at the Tonner Collectors Convention.