Superdoll’s House of Zenith in Paris

I will be attending the off schedule House of Zenith event taking place on the 9th March during the weekend on the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. This is a special event organised by X&S Productions in association with Superdoll.

House of Zenith are a new line of 12″ beauties first announced at last years PFDF and launched at Superdoll’s London convention in October last year. I am super excited to actually get my hands on one! The event doll is called AVENUE and it looks like her clone name is France Fontana. Very intriguing! It will also be great to see all my Paris friends again, after not being there for several years now.

The image of the event flyer below is being used under the agreement of XS Productions. Please do not use without proper authorisation.

paris fashion doll festival 2017 convention dolls - superdoll and barbie

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictures of the convention exclusive dolls.

First up we have Superdoll‘s Friday night cocktail event Sybarite doll, Fanfares D’Amour. She is a Gen4 resin doll.

Fanfares D’Amour, FPFD 2017 Exclusive Sybarite Doll

I love her glamorous look  and her baguette purse (for that it is) is to die for!

Next up was the Exclusive Barbie doll, designed by Bill Greening and donated by Mattel

PFDF 2017 Convention Exclusive Barbie

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Barbie

Let’s  just remember she is comes free from Mattel. So play nice people.

At the Sunday Salesroom, and for those with the stamina to be the first in the queue, there was another Superdoll Exclusive to be had. Again she is a resin doll and her name is Reve Rose and she is a colour variation of the Friday event doll. She was 600 Euros.

Reve Rose, PFDF 2017 Sunday Salesroom Exclusive Sybarite Doll

So there we have it for another year, in Paris at least. There’s still a lot of Conventions to come and I will be at at least 2 of these this year.

So what do you think of this year’s Paris offerings? Let me know in the comments section below.

#PFDF 2015 Saturday Luncheon

For the first time in the 5 years that I have been to the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, I left the bar on the Superdoll Friday at a decent time and was therefore in fine form for the Saturday Luncheon. This year I was also on a ‘Sybarite Table’ with the access to Salon and Chalk White Sybarites that this affords. Thank you to Izzy and Catherine for letting me gaze at their beautiful dolls and for giving permission to share pictures.

This year the was no special guest from Mattel, such as Robert Best and Linda Kyaw, as in previous years. However, there was a rep from Mattel France present who was thrust on stage to say a few words. There were also no big reveals or video presentations other than two advertising the upcoming Italian Fashion Doll Conventions in Milan and Rome.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

There was the traditional fancy dress fashion show which is always entertaining. My favourite contestant was Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, but everyone made a huge effort. In the free-for-all to take pics at the end, I completely missed out on who won!

After the fashion show, it was time for the convention doll to be unveiled. Well, I say unveiled in the loosest of terms, as we found out what the doll would be about two weeks before and it was also the same as the Japanese convention doll. However, it was fun to see the young lady come onto the stage dressed as the convention doll and do a routine to Liza Minelli’s ‘Cabaret’. Her tap was rather spot on too!

So here is the doll I received: ‘Spotlight on Broadway’. For those that have asked – she is articulated above the waist but here legs are of the rigid model muse variety. After the presentation of the convention doll, it was time to divvy out the table gifts and the centrepiece doll. I was lucky number 5 at the table and won the centrepiece doll – a The Look Red Carpet Blue Jumpsuit Barbie!

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

So here are some more snaps from the event (including me with Miss B.) To see more be sure the check out the Facebook Page.

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2015 Luncheon

So what do you think? Where you there too? Do share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010- Part 2

Reporting From Paris Fashion Doll Festival Part 2

The main event on the Saturday of Paris Fashion Doll Festival weekend is the banquet luncheon and the silent auction that precedes it. However, the day was getting off to a rather shaky start what with all festivities of the previous night at ‘Disco 3000’ and we were running, or rather shuffling, somewhat late. We needn’t have worried, of course, as according to custom the Luncheon was running even later! After a quick reconnoitre of the auction dolls on display outside the main hall (which were lovely but luckily for my wallet nothing for which I wanted to bid) it was time to find our table.

The table centrepiece dolls comprised of the aformerly mentioned Astronaut Barbie repro and silver clad Tonner Friday Fosters. The other eight guests at our table were perfectly fine and the chatter was suitably doll related. The food, however, was far from fine, especially for us vegans, despite a promising salad starter. When our main courses eventually came it was simply a plate of vegetables and overcooked ones at that! The rest of our table seemed similarly displeased with the duck, which largely went half eaten. One of the table gifts was a Superfrock fan, which came in very handy as the room became increasingly tropical!

The events were entertaining enough with a slide show celebrating 10 years of Silkstone Barbie. During the slide show, each table had to identify the original vintage Barbie inspiration doll or outfit behind the Silkstones in order to win prizes. Who knew that such a simple premise would lead to lead to dollgate! As so many tables had top scores there was a draw to choose an overall winner and the prizes were suitably distributed. However, it turned out that Kathy, the event organiser, had read out the winning score and not the table number, quelle horreur! The excruciating process of reclaiming the prizes and redrawing a new winning table then took place. Although one of the Barbie hatboxes prizes didn’t make it’s way back. Oops!

Paris exclusive Ellowynne Wilde

We were then treated to the fashion show, which was great fun, especially with the very cute children who took part. It was great to see all the effort people had put into making the matching outfits to their favourite dolls. Eventually, it was time to distribute the other festival exclusive dolls, Ellowyne Wilde and Antoinette, to those who had reserved them. The centrepiece dolls were eventually raffled off to lucky winners on each table and it was time to disperse and reconvene later that evening for the Superdoll museum opening.

ToCK on display in the salesroom. Photo courtesy of a wonderful Flickr friend

The last day of the festival was the show and sale and delegates from the festival had early entry in order to bag those bargains. The sales room was huge and quite daunting at first glance. The infiltration of newborn dolls into a Fashion Doll event was somewhat surprising and one attendee was even heard to say, “let me look at a real doll instead of dead babies” whilst gazing upon a Sybarite! The Sybarite in question was the exquisite ToCK, the spiritual sister of TiCK the Superdoll event exclusive from Disco 3000. She was a limited edition of 100 and most were sold at the event with the remainder on sale at the Superfrock site for a very short time a few days later. Unfortunately, I was unable to get my hands on her on both occasions!

Oh well, there is always next year as I can see that this Paris lark will become an annual pilgrimage for this particular doll observer…

What Makes a Superdoll TiCK?

The theme of the 16th annual Paris Fashion Doll Convention 2010 was ‘Haute Couture of the Future’ so it was therefore a tantalising prospect to see what the boys over at Superdoll_Collectables™ would come up with. When I got my hands on my brand new Sybarite doll, ‘TiCK’, at their Friday evening ‘Disco 3000’ event I was not disappointed.

The corset is decorated with timepiece movements

Tick sports her earwigs!

She really is a unique Sybarite and like her name would suggest she has time related touches to her outfit such. For example at first glance her corset looks like it is covered in silver sequins. However on closer inspection we see that it is actually resplendent in metal timepiece movements as well as vertical lines of tiny crystals.

The timepiece motif continues with her earrings, the first time I have known Sybs to have earrings. Although this being a Sybarite, and no ordinary doll, her earrings are known to us as ‘Earwigs™’! The Earwigs do not puncture the precious resin earlobes though but hang from tiny hooks descending from the undersides of her wig.

The jet-black wig itself is a gorgeous concoction and boy is it high! There is a very Spanish influence with flavours of flamenco dancers and a matador’s banderilla. Plaits loop at the front and sides of the up-do with thicker plaits coiling around the back.

Her make-up is orange based to matching the coloured elements of her outfit and headdress. The colouring complements her luminous green eyes well and her applied eyelashes have a few silver lashes added in to continue the futuristic look.

The rest of TiCK’s ensemble consists of white feather skirt  both in mini form and attachable open fronted skirt in the same tradition of Paris showgirl as previous festival exclusive Sybs. She also sports what can only be described as an armoured vest. This is apparently a ‘Social Screener issue 032010 Super Screener’ as printed on the outside and one can only wonder what this could mean for our future couture! The vest is finely stitched in orange and fastens under the bust with a silver buckle. She is also suitably equipped with orange UV active armbands.

A pair of sheer orange hose lead down to the pièce de résistance and perhaps the finest killer heels that Superdoll has ever come up with. Silver spiked stilettos with ankle straps that fasten at the back with the tiniest of zips. The platform soles actually turn out to be hidden powder compacts complete with mirror and powder puff. Yes you heard right; powder compacts in the soles of her shoes!

More photos of tick can be found on my Flickr page here.

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010: Part 1

A Report From Paris Fashion Doll Festival, 2010: Part 1

Well dear reader, as I am now safely back in the UK I thought I ought to put fingers to keyboard and write a review of my first Fashion Doll Convention. So here we have part 1.

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 took place at the Novotel Paris Est at the end of the Metro Line 3 in Bagnolet. Which is somewhere you wouldn’t normally find yourself for a weekend in Paris I shouldn’t think. Unless of course, you happened to be a fashion doll lover! However, the welcome there was friendly enough and the hotel modern and comfortable. We arrived a day early due to my birthday falling on the night before the main events but nonetheless there were still some ‘doll people’ already ensconced. My companion was particularly sensitive to spotting them, despite (or because of!) not being one themselves!

The first day’s events began on the evening of the 12th March with the Superfrock breakout event ‘Disco 3000’. Registration began that afternoon. This is where we discovered that the promised convention exclusive Barbie had failed to materialise due to some error or other at the Mattel end. Instead, we got to choose from several of the newer Barbie repros, and we ended up with ‘Student Teacher’ and ‘Astronaut’ respectively. The rumour later was that the exclusive convention doll was to have been a colour variation Astronaut. That would make sense, I suppose, given the theme of the festival was ‘Haute Couture of the Future’.

The Superfrock Venus D’Royce medallion

There was quite a wait for that evening’s event to begin but then this was France, and it would be rude to be on time according to the local custom! However, with a suitable level of anticipation, it wasn’t long until we were issued with small pink packages and silver wristband. Theses were the keys to getting our hands on the exclusive Sybarite doll later on that night. The packages turned out to contain necklaces, medallions in fact, of the Venus D’Royce moniker. Venus, of course, being the most famous of the Sybarite head sculpts. Charles Fegan and Desmond Lingard, the chaps behind Superfrock Ltd, then made their entrance, suitably attired in futuresque disco garb.

The festivities were well and truly on now and as well copious champagne and cocktails we were treated to metallic trunked go-go dancers on the catwalk. Let us just say that there was plenty of audience participation! Then the real meat of the evening came around and TICK, the exclusive Paris event Sybarite, was handed out. She came presented in commemorative shipper decorated with Superdoll motif smiley faces. Plus a welcome handle for the onward trip home! Many of the guests were soon seen scurrying to survey their doll in the privacy of their rooms. However, I chose to head straight to the bar and drew quite a crowd as I inspected my new gal.

The Superdoll becomes a smiley!

She is quite a beauty, I should tell you, and I will be doing a detailed review and taking more photographs for your viewing pleasure very soon. One of her key points are the compacts concealed in the soles of her shoes, which were revealed to me, by none other than Desmond himself. There were to be four dolls in all presented over the weekend, TICK, TOCK, Slipper and Librium. The rest of the evening continued as it began and I can safely say, a good time was had by all!

To be continued…

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Say hello to Tick

Last night was fantastic fun at the Superfrock event in Paris. On top of all the fun came Tick the exclusive event doll given out to the lucky attendees. Here for your viewing pleasure are some quick shots I took.

STOP PRESS!! Once I am back in London I will be taking more pics and will have a detailed review of Tick. Please check back soon…

I have her cape upside down I think! I was worse for wear today so forgive me!

Complete with powder puff too!

Updates From Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010

Well here I am in Paris at the Novotel Paris Est on the eve of the Fashion Doll Festival 2010. This is the first time (unbelievably)  that I have attended so I am even more excited if that is possible as I have no idea what to expect. I am planning on covering my experience here on my blog and also via the other wonders of the internet Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as well as the Doll Observers Network. Phew that will keep me busy assuming all that technology doesn’t get the better of me!

So stay tuned as the first event is tomorrow with the Superfrock cocktail event ‘Disco 3000’ which commences at 7pm French time.

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Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2010 Update

The Paris Doll Expo site has been updated with an itinerary of the weekend’s events. Needless to say I am getting most excited at the prospect of the Superfrock “Disco 3000” event on Friday evening. Especially to see what the exclusive doll will be, given that the theme of the festival is “Haute Couture of the Future”. Charles and Desmond are bound to have a field day with it!

Peep was the exclusive Sybarite at the 2009 Festival

There will be 3 other exclusive makers dolls available, Mattel‘s Barbie, Robert Tonner’s Antoinette and Wilde Imagination’s Ellowyne Wilde. Again it will be interesting to see what other designers will come up with.

An added bonus is the recently announced exhibition at the Paris Doll Museum entitled “Nouvelles Icônes – Des Poupées Pandores aux Sybarites” which runs from 14 March to 19 September 2010. There will also be yet another exclusive doll available through the museum named “Slipper” and she will be unveiled at the exhibition opening. Find more information about the exhibition here.

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New announcement from Superfrock promises lots of Superdoll goodies

05 April 2009 S.D.H.Q
London, England
Dearest Mailing List Subscriber……
Well, with all the excitement of our annual pilgrimage to Paris behind us, Spring is in the air and we reflect on the wonderful time we had meeting friends both old and new in the capital city of France!
But whilst still on the topic of things Parisienne, we can spread the rumour that we will once again be in Paris in 2010 for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival, and if this year was anything to go by….. get your name on the list for next year!

More travelling news….

Tokyo! Yeah! We’re going to Japan!
We will be doing an exhibition and have a very few one of a kind dolls available at this auspicious show…. We so hope to see you there and look forward to meeting our Japanese collectors!

We are also very happy to be invited back to Russia this year and will be exhibiting at the DOLLSALON in St Petersburg, but more about that closer to the time.

Our website is currently undergoing a huge transformation and we are also very excited about this. Please re bookmark our index ( page to avoid confusion as we refigure the site in the next few months.

So… whats new? I hear you ask…

Here comes the bride…. Yes, ii/DD_04 the gorgeous Innoquii™ bride is in stock and will go on sale later today as well as an elegant treat for the Sybarites.
Furthermore we are thrilled to introduce in the very next issue of Haute Doll magazine: FUGU™! Our all new Japanese sculpt, she’s not your normal poisonous fish!

Also making their debut on our website soon is the divine Sybarite collection Fortune™….

But this is all just a small part of what we have planned for the year ahead as *superdoll_collectibles* takes on a very HOT celebrity likeness that you just not gonna believe… introduce a line of artist figures, a line of teenage girls and then some!

So, stay tuned, have fun as we get ready to once again prepare for an awesome season ahead!

Till Later