Superdoll’s House of Zenith in Paris

I will be attending the off schedule House of Zenith event taking place on the 9th March during the weekend on the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. This is a special event organised by X&S Productions in association with Superdoll.

House of Zenith are a new line of 12″ beauties first announced at last years PFDF and launched at Superdoll’s London convention in October last year. I am super excited to actually get my hands on one! The event doll is called AVENUE and it looks like her clone name is France Fontana. Very intriguing! It will also be great to see all my Paris friends again, after not being there for several years now.

The image of the event flyer below is being used under the agreement of XS Productions. Please do not use without proper authorisation.

LUSTRE & GARNET Form Superdoll’s Christmas 2018 Offering

Bang on the promised hour of 3pm GMT, Superdoll Collectables added the two Christmas 2018 dolls to their website. Their names are GARNET and LUSTRE – and both are quite spectacular!

Here is LUSTRE:

VENUS is delighted to have jetted in from Monte Carlo to begin attending her plethora of engagements this holiday season.
With Hair of dark auburn (mohair) in simple yet elegant braids. Emerald eyes and dark brick brows, she selected a burned caramel for her lips. Eyeshadow of teal makes her eyes pop against her cosmetique skintone and her ever so delicately blushed cheeks.
For ‘circuit’ starters at the Beau Ball she chose a stunning Emperor yellow fronted gown…. cut shorter in the front to show of her yellow fronted Y front ankle sandals to compliment her ‘insect wing’ embroidered gown; which without ceremony announces itself with a huge waist to ankle BOW!
The trick of course is from the back she’s all in black, and this is a great illusion for fun and games.
Upon her head, a show stopping plumed headpiece in orange, iridescent green and semi domes echoing the adornments on her gown.
Not needing any form of announcement is her favourite accessory for the season…. her gilt and rhinestone embroidered STAR evening purse.

Just wonderful…. now would everyone stop staring and somebody please offer the lady a glass of champagne!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! she whispered as she strolled around the room.

Here is GARNET:

INQUE was in the mood for attention. She was off to the Grosvenor tonight for something ‘formal’ to start her Holiday Season in London. Mastazuki had just flown in from Japan this morning to do her gorgeous oriental styled hair. A pinky auburn colour, she just loves… adorned in gorgeous red silk tassels.
Her golden olive eyes are rimmed in pink and red and her lips of pure carbide red were already setting the tale.
She knew where tonight’s event would be staged and she knew the location well. Tonight she would be dressing for that grand staircase; and what better than the largest gown in the room…. in vibrant scarlet no less.
Her glistening red gown is everything and then some EXTRA! Red blossoms, blooms, garlands and rhinestones all encapsulated in a tulle ‘net’ in front and opening on the sides toward the back to reveal a cornucopia of a train in the back. Ai Ai Yai! what a gown….
upon her feet she wears dark red velvet saloon ankle boots and in her hand a matching attaché’ clutch.

She quietly went through the huge double door entrance, leaving her attendants behind her in the anteroom, she positioned herself on the staircase a few steps down. Checking her gown was all perfect, it was a matter of seconds before the spotlight found her.

“Yes, I sure do know how to make an entrance” Inque giggled to herself as she looked down upon a stunned, silent ballroom.

‘Happy Holidays’! she mouthed silently as she made her way around the room clinking eye contact with the guest as if it were champagne.

So will you be adding either of these ladies to your collection? What do you think of them? Do let me know in the comments below.

Superdoll NOXIA Arrives in Time for Halloween 2018

As is the annual tradition, NOXIA was released on the Superdoll Collectables site on 31st October, just in the nick of time for Halloween. Although it probably won’t be until Halloween 2019 that she will be displayed in our house.

She is a really beauty though and IRL does not have the Elvira vibe many had feared. Her face is utterly Devine. I was lucky enough to see her at The Salon during Sybcon 2018 and preordered her right away.

superdoll noxia halloween sybarite
Superdoll Noxia Halloween Doll
I love NOXIA’s Halloween Accessories!

Superdoll NOXIA’s Description:


GENX.2 body!
Cosmetique skintone!


Venus pitch black bangs, behive and fall hairdo is just the look for her debut on this Hallowed eve, while her black linered eyes, grey and violet eyeshadow and black eyebrows add a mystery to her golden syrup coloured eyes. without a single hint of deceiption, this girl just smizes through her lashes. Lips of bright vermillion red.

Her white satin lined gown of pure white glistening sequin evolves from a deep plunging V neckline to a slithering train that slashes to her uppermost inner thigh.3/4 length sleeves adorned in guippure; folly flounce and glamour about as she awaits the TRICK or TREATERS.White hose and white shoes are the necessity, and the white corded metal pentagram is her Halloween choice of jewelery.

Accessories consist a stripe printed party hat and her cigarette usherette style TREAT box filled with ‘popcorn’ and custom made scary pumpkin apples dripping in delicious clear candy coating.


Clone: 1000 Venus d’Royce

NOXIA is available for £279.75. Here’s my girl:

See what I man about the face?

Did you buy her? Let me know in the comments below. 

paris fashion doll festival 2017 convention dolls - superdoll and barbie

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictures of the convention exclusive dolls.

First up we have Superdoll‘s Friday night cocktail event Sybarite doll, Fanfares D’Amour. She is a Gen4 resin doll.

Fanfares D’Amour, FPFD 2017 Exclusive Sybarite Doll

I love her glamorous look  and her baguette purse (for that it is) is to die for!

Next up was the Exclusive Barbie doll, designed by Bill Greening and donated by Mattel

PFDF 2017 Convention Exclusive Barbie

Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Barbie

Let’s  just remember she is comes free from Mattel. So play nice people.

At the Sunday Salesroom, and for those with the stamina to be the first in the queue, there was another Superdoll Exclusive to be had. Again she is a resin doll and her name is Reve Rose and she is a colour variation of the Friday event doll. She was 600 Euros.

Reve Rose, PFDF 2017 Sunday Salesroom Exclusive Sybarite Doll

So there we have it for another year, in Paris at least. There’s still a lot of Conventions to come and I will be at at least 2 of these this year.

So what do you think of this year’s Paris offerings? Let me know in the comments section below.

superdoll sybarite TU

Superdoll Release New Sybarite TU

Superdoll have just released a new Sybarite TU. Here is the blurb from the site:

“I’m so excited to be meeting up with the gurls for tea!”
Tu thought it very apt to wear her slippers to the party!

Venus can’t wait for the tea time games they will play in the miniature chashitsu created for them in the London Salon.

GENX.2 body!
Cosmetique skintone!

With memories of Pyjama Parties, Venus hair is a deep chocolate with golden blonde tied back fringe, a long flowing wig cut blunt.
Her eyes surrounded in shades of heavy charcoal with vibrant turquoise lids, dark black liner and arched hot pink brows. Her piercing golden eyes are offset with heavy grey. Lips the colour of the asian sun as it hangs over the Autumn sky in her minds eye.
She chose today, a dark fushia jacket of multicolour brocade satin with square kimonoesque sleeves adorned in ‘lace on’ gilt chain. Closure in the form of a heavy metallic cord belt, neckline plunged to her solarplexitie

s, goes without saying…..
Below the hip level jacket she wears a silk satin micro skirt; the colour of her eyelids, and gorgeous violet hose. Her purse of ‘leopard’ bears a clasp detail in gold mirror gloss, studs and D ring. Maybe just a small hint as to just what kind of tea party this is going to be!
Furthermore she wears her ‘leopard’ platform slippers with tops of mirror turquoise studded with gilt metal studs and orange fur. Easy to slip off and stare at…. she really loves these slippers!
Her favourite accessory today of course is her ‘gold’ leatherette collier with stud and D ring detail…. and of course she did not forget to wear her leash!

The last of Autumns hues; to reveal the Winters turquoise.
Let the Games begin!

She is priced at £259.74.

What do you think of this girl. Will she be joining your collection?

Halloween Superdoll Style - Sybarite MONARCH!

Halloween Superdoll Style – MONARCH!

So this Halloween saw the Superdoll Collectables tradition of a special doll release continue when new Sybarite MONARCH was announced. And what a spooktacular beauty she is! And from the Superdoll Site itself:


The Howling wolves could not keep her contained as Venus slipped from the darkness into the midnight forest.

It’s a very eerie night tonight, and this glamour hybrid is off Trick & Treat. (mostly tricking we’re sure!) in a foggy forest of London.

GENX.2 body!
Cosmetique skintone!
Venus platinum nape bun, bangs and pappilon bunches hair gives her a silhouette for flight, while her red and black eyebrows and her spiral eyes highlighted in white and shaded in grey give a hypnotic stare. Lips of scarlet outlined in black.
Her silk satin gown of black and red bears overlay of fine tulle printed in latex as are her attached ‘wings’ which drag or flutter. Her gown silhouette is of sharp jagged neckline and boufant peplum in black with a slinky sinuous red evolving train.

Red jagged edge gloss shoes complete her haunting look.

Clone: 1000 Venus d’Royce

Of course she comes with the following standard accessories:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

Did you manage to body snatch this one before she  vanished away?

superdoll decadent detour convention las vegas

Superdoll’s Decadent Detour in Las Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas saw the latest Superdoll US Convention ‘Decadent Detour’ and it certainly seemed to live up to its name! Organised to perfection, yet again, by Drama Queen Productions.

There were three (non OOAK or Salon) dolls unveiled  as far as I can tell: Friday’s Neon luncheon event Companion Doll, Baccarat, held at the very apt and intriguing Neon Museum.

The Oasis Finale Dinner Centrepiece Doll, Aurum, limited to 7 pieces.

And the pièce de résistance, Max-a-Million…

More pics below courtesy of Conventioneer, Janina
Sybarite Baccarat

More pics as soon as I can locate them! So what do you think?

Sanctum- A Superdoll Chalk White Exhibit

Superdoll Sanctum: A Sybarite Chalk White Exhibit

The Superdoll 2015 London Convention, ‘Neutron Prom’, kicked off last night with a Chalk White Exhibit by Superdoll Sanctum. Although I wasn’t a conventioneer (sadly!) I was lucky enough to be invited to gate crash the event. Therefore able to enjoy the spectacle that always accompanies these amazing works of art in resin.

The chosen venue was a sanctum indeed: a long lost Masonic Temple, recently discovered behind hidden a wall at The Andaz Hotel near Liverpool Street Station, right in the heart of old London. After making our way through the frenzied Friday night crowd, we found ourselves in the Hotel’s foyer before being directed upstairs to the Temple’s antechamber. We were then given an envelope containing a beautiful Superdoll card, event flyers, and wristbands. I love an event wristband, in fact, I still have mine on as a reminder!

Superdoll convention sanctum

After an anxious wait, although providing an excellent opportunity to meet up with old friends and finally meet those previously only known online, it was time for the Superboys to make their entrance. True to form there was nothing mundane in the execution as they entered resplendent in white forensic boilersuits and booties. It seemed as though they were dressed prepared for chemical spills. Appropriate indeed, as not only was this to be a Chalk White exhibit, but also the launch of a brand new Superdoll product: a fragrance for the discerning fashion doll collector. Eau de Sybarite, if you will.

The ever lovely Izzy, a stalwart Sybarite collector and aficionado, made a beautiful speech on behalf of the boys to introduce the fragrance. In it she recalled an Haute Doll article from 2005 in which Venus herself recalls her favourite scents. All of these come together in the perfume’s scent – floral, woody undertones and just a hint of, well, plastic – seriously, what else would a Sybarite add to her perfect parfum! We were then all handed samples and scented cards to test. Soon the whole room was filled with the heady aroma as we checked out the packaging and wax sealed science-lab style scent bottles.

Superdoll sanctum convention zodiac

After more catching up, hearing all about the first event doll Vanity and being made thoroughly jealous to hear that there would be a further THREE event dolls it was time to enter the temple for the main event. After some fanfare and as the music started, the incredibly large and intricately carved oak doors were flung open, and the throng surged forward to get inside. Once there we were greeted by majestic marble pillars, a domed ceiling and black and white tiled floor; what could only be described as a temple. And for tonight a temple to the Sybarite!

In the centre of the room where four lit display cases mounted on podiums but covered for now with black cloth. The light of the display cases shining through the fabric allowing us only a tantalising glimpse of the beauty they contained. The Superboys took their place at one of the ‘Thrones’ which stood at either end of the room and a voiceover boomed from the loudspeakers to set a magical scene and helped build the anticipation levels to a fever pitch. It was then time for them to step up and unveil the dolls as they ceremoniously pulled the covers from their cases. Gasps, cheers and clapping greeted each unveiling.

It was then time for us to jump from our chairs and descend to the floor to take a proper look at these beauties. And what a stunning collection. The dolls themselves were the ever present white resin, complete with Regency style ringlets and curls – but ever so couture – mohair wigs in various paintbox shades. The outfits were romantic and floral inspired. Many consisted of real oil and canvas paintings cut and manipulated into dresses, bodices and skirts. There was felt, fur, parasols, hats, pom poms and golden court shoes. It was a mesmerising array and it was incredibly difficult to choose a favourite. For that reason, I suspect the tooing-and-froing of the bidding process was not an easy one for those in a position to be able to purchase one.

All too soon it was time to take our leave for the long journey home. One year, if not the next, I hope to be a full Superdoll convention goer, but in the meantime it was wonderful to be allowed to allowed to have this glimpse into the Superdoll magic.

superdoll la convention beverley hills excess

Superdoll LA Convention 2015

Well, there were some exquisite dolls and outfits to which came out of the three-day Superdoll Collectables US Convention, Beverley Hills Excess at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in LA this weekend. As always the event was organised by Drama Queen Productions and I must say Andrew and his team really did excel themselves this year. Everything looks well organised and classy. Now to the dolls!

beverley hills Excess Superdoll Gown MINT

There was an exclusive salon gown, MINT

beverley hills excess superdoll convention companion doll FREIZE

The companion doll was FREIZE

beverley hills excess superdoll us convention skinny dip outfit

There was an outfit SKINNY DIP and shoes made just for the GenX girls!

Then, of course, there was the main girl herself, ATRIUM, the gift set to top all gift sets! She really is exquisite and the range of accessories is dazzling. I am very happy for all those who attended and received this very special lady.

beverley hills excess us superdoll convention atrium

ATRIUM in all her Giftset Glory

You can see more pics from the weekend on the Drama Queen Productions Instagram Page.
So what do you think of these beauties? Where you lucky enough to be in at the LA event yourself? Do let me know in the comments section below.

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You


After spending much of the day feverishly refreshing my PC screen far more than is entirely necessary when I am supposed to be working, I managed to be at the right place when the latest Rebel Princess from Superdoll Collectables went on sale. Her name is PRECIOUS and she is beautiful!


I always love the descriptions that come with each Superdoll release, but SD really outdid themselves with this one. It really makes me love this girl even more…

Dreamy vanilla caramel eyes, arched for attitude brows in blonde with shadow of rose and muted blacks. Lids in translucent dark grey. Lips the colour of geranium infused rose. Huge blonde wig bearing center parting, in a ‘voluptuous’ state; cascading down either side of her face and swirling into waist length big loose curls. Today would be a day out with the gurls. Shopping? Lunch? High Tea?, and Venus has no intention of getting back to her ivory tower before daybreak, so she decided on her leopard and paisley ‘girly pentagram’ puffed sleeve smock frock; a pair of ‘off beat’ fishnet track pants. And just in case it gets a bit nippy on this summer’s eve, a huge big yellow fur wrap! She has this day to night to day feeling!

Wrapping her neck in bling ‘gold’ chokers to accentuate her cute organza collar and bow, she also added an armful of white lacquer bracelets. and finally adding that ‘what the heck is boho, anyway?’ slouchy fringed shoulder bag of olive, trimmed in real leather with England smiley, made her feel she had all she needs in a purse. She walked through the palace hallway, heading straight for the open door of her unmarked tinted window auto with her chauffeur closing the door, she murmured to herself: “see ya later”. Venus was heading out till tomorrow!

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

No wonder she didn’t hang around long and was gone well within the hour of her release. Thanks to all the lovely folk at Sybomania too for sharing the anticipation!

So did you manage to grab this Princess? Let me know in the comments section below…

Superdoll’s Rebel Princess No. 2 is on Her Way

Superdoll Sybarite Rebel Princess Precious

Superdoll Collectables just gave the heads up that their latest vinyl offering and the second in the Rebel Princess collection will be PRECIOUS and she will be arriving this Thursday, 25th June.

There has been no mention of what time she will go on sale so there will some frenzied browser refreshing going on come Thursday morning. I do hope their servers can stand it!

Otherwise, this could be me:


Young man having trouble studying, on white background

In the meantime here is a pic I took recently of my first vinyl beauty CAMEO:

Cameo Sybarite Superdoll

So, will you be camping out by your PC on Thursday? Let me know in the comments section below 🙂

trinity of superdoll sybarite gowns

A Trinity Of Superdoll Salon Gowns

The talented hands over at Superdoll HQ must have been very busy recently as we have seen the release of no less than three Sybarite Salon Gowns over the last week, with two of them released within quick succession yesterday.

1. ‘Leopard Breath’ Superdoll Salon Outfit
Leopard Breath Salon Outfit superdoll sybarite

2. ‘Lotus Cage’ Superdoll Salon Gown
Lotus Cage Salon Gown sybarite superdoll

3. ‘Grande Bloom’ Superdoll Salon Gown

Grande Bloom Salon Gown superdoll sybarite

Did you manage to get your hands on one or more of these fine pieces? Even if not, I’d love to know what do you think of them. Let me know in the comments section below!