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Dom - alias Lilly Chevalier-Fox posted photos
1 hour ago via Twitter
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20 hours ago
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack I will not talk too much right now as I am still unpacking/washing/drying ...and kissing hubby :) But I will be with you very soon to catch up love to all
  • Dom - alias Lilly Chevalier-Fox thank you !! I am very happy to be back home I should say, even if this was a wonderful trip , 50 days fare away from hubby was a challenge (after 25 years together I think that I am getting used to the man hee hee hee) I will need a couple of days to sort my trip photos then I will come back to you. love D
  • Chez Sebastian Welcome back Dom !!! So happy !  Hope your travel was fantastic ! Hug !
  • Jane Reeds So glad you're back!
  • Fashion Doll Stylist Welcome back, Dom. Glad you're back!!!!
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Saturday via Twitter
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