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Since joining this group a few days ago, i have gotten a chance to look at the wonderful photos that members have posted. There are awesome shots of Dolls and Dioramas with exquisite detail. My compliments to all the artists who have shared their doll photos. Excellent work.
Don Orlando posted photos
48 minutes ago
Tilly replied to Tilly's discussion Are there any MH repaint/face-up artists in here willing to answer some questions? in Monster High Dolls
"Here are the three I've worked on for the last couple days... I'm going to let them dry for a good while and then I'll decide hair and clothes...  and then decent photographs!  I only have two more dolls I can paint and then I'm all out unless I take some of these finished dolls and start over!   I wiped one of them clean already and even with sealer her skin was a little stained... not sure how many times I can really redo them? And, I haven't seen anymore super cheap MH dolls on ebay... I got 5 naked (and rather dirty) dolls for $12.00 and they were all different!  

I need to spend more time looking at eyes and eye color and maked up eyes... I've never used much make-up so I'm not very familiar with what looks good or enhances the eye.  Thank all that is good in the world for the internet... everything at my finger tips!!   Have a good night everyone!  "
1 hour ago
Don Orlando loves Sara Tiz's photo
1 hour ago
Don Orlando loves Sara Tiz's photo
1 hour ago
Gus posted a discussion
Hello All,Once again I'm hoping to get some information on a doll that was owned by my wife who is no longer with us.  This is one of several Madame Alexander 21" DSC08497.JPGCissy dolls she had, but this one is nude and orphaned from her box and clothes.  Consequently I am not able to identify her.  The only thing I can find is an impression on the back of her neck (verrrry faint) that says:  Madame Alexander, and under that 19 c 61.  Can any one out there in DollObserver land help ID this doll?DSC08498.JPG  I would be most grateful for the help.  See attached photos.DSC08495.JPGDSC08500.JPG
1 hour ago
DollObservers.com via Twitter
#dollobservers pic: Liberace Scott and friend http://ow.ly/2MKZTQ 
1 hour ago
Gus loves Gus's discussion Doll Identification?
1 hour ago
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