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Ree Keene commented on Alison Rasmussen's photo
"She's beautiful!!! There are so many Marilyn Monroe dolls that large manufacturers that just don't get it, but, she's got it"
28 minutes ago via Twitter
#dollobservers pic: Polka Dots ladies 
1 hour ago
Ah Ha! Answered my own question. The dollhouse is now call the Fairy Castle.
If anyone ever has a chance to go to the Museum of Science and Industry, I would highly recommend you make sure you see this exhibit. You'd love it! I remember being awestruck with it and not wanting to leave it to see anything else.
When I was a little girl (many, many moons ago) during one of my many visits to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, I remember seeing an exhibit that was a huge doll house with many rooms. It's a bit of a vague memory. Is there anyone here from the Chicagoland area that knows to what I'm referring. If so, do you by any chance have info on that exhibit?
I see new gorgeous dolls in photos! I love looking at them all. Thanks everyone for sharing.
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