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Sara Tiz posted photos
3 hours ago
Sara Tiz replied to Simon Farnworth's discussion '#AugustTOTM - Spa Day' Photo Contest Entries in Theme of the Month
"I'm so happy to see your entry Isabel! I recognize your style without reading your signature! 
Everything is perfect...and the mirror! Great!
And above all I'm like your doll: no SPA for me, only my bathroom!"
3 hours ago
Sara Tiz replied to Simon Farnworth's discussion '#AugustTOTM - Spa Day' Photo Contest Entries in Theme of the Month
"Oh! Another beautiful diorama of yours! So realistic and luxurious! I love black and white for interiors and....I love your hairdesser!!LOL!
I agree with you: I have fun in this contest because I like to think about the idea for a pic and above all I like to realize dioramas or set. Last month I hadn't the possibility, but next one...
However it's also very funny to see pics by all the members!"
3 hours ago
Don Orlando posted a photo
7 hours ago
Don Orlando and Viktor Zavadsky are now friends
9 hours ago
Tilly posted a discussion in Monster High Dolls
I could really use an experienced repaint/face-up artist to ask a few questions, please...  I'm really enjoying this new challenge of mine to create a few special dolls for myself but I need some help... 1) With the first two MH dolls I did the watercolor pencils worked beautifully but on this third and four try they are barely leaving any color, what have I done wrong?  I put two coats of sealant on before I started and I can't figure it out.2) Do you seal after you add the blush or the eyes and then add more color as needed?  Or do you only seal when you're completely done?3) I'm using Liquitex gloss medium & varnish for the lips and eyes after I seal... as I understand it, this stuff is water soluble... will it come off if I wash the face in the future? 4) Can I do a boil perm on the doll after I've done a face-up?  Even if I don't put the whole head in the water, will the steam and heat affect the doll?5) What kind of aftercare do you suggest for the doll?  I mean, what if she get…
10 hours ago
Tilly loves Don Orlando's photo
10 hours ago
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12 hours ago
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