Today saw the launch of the Integrity Toys W Club 2017. As I have not been a member since 2015 I was itching for this moment. I have missed the sneak speaks, emails, online events, and above all the lovely photos of the latest creations. This year saw a new twist on the upgrade: 2016 members voted on the elements they would like to make up their ‘perfect doll’. We will, therefore, have Agnes Von Weiss Riviera Drama! At the moment there is no prototype, just a sketch.

Item #TBA Riviera Drama Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty® Collection 2017 W Club Upgrade Doll

Agnes is one of my favourite sculpts and I am a sucker for side swept hair – so am looking forward to seeing this one will turn out.

Next in the upgrade steaks is Poppy Parker Popster! and she will be the first in the ‘Swinging London Collection’.

Item #PP112 Popster! Poppy Parker Dressed Doll 2017 W Club Upgrade Doll The Swinging London Collection

She looks cute and I am looking forward to seeing what other Mod looks this collection will bring.

Then we have Giselle Diefendorf Majesty.

Item #82069 Majesty Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll The NU. Face Collection 2017 W Club Upgrade Doll

I’m not overly keen on her face but the outfit is lovely! A really flirty summery number which will definitely be a keeper.

Last but not least is another new element for this year – a diorama! Woohoo; take my money now! But wait, if you order all three upgrade dolls the diorama is free! Double woohoo!

POPUP! Diorama Playset 2017 W Club Upgrade Diorama

Well done to Alain Tremblay for this wondrousness. Needless to say I will be getting this one for free…

So, did you sign up to the Integrity Toys W Club 2017?

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