1. Please tell me IF and if so WHY I might be wrong, BUT …I won’t be renewing my WClub membership this year. Apart from 2 upgrade dolls none of last year’s doll offerings appealed to me, so the membership was a total waste of time on that score. Also, I find it extremely frustrating that those of us unable to travel (for medical reasons) and those unable to travel for perhaps job or family commitment reasons have such little access to convention offerings, having to rely on Ebay to purchase dolls from the convention. I wished IT would reserve enough dolls for WClubmembers to keep the non-travelling members happy, but no …
    Also I am getting really sick of being offered the same face sculpts year after year. All my dolls are starting to look the same. If I want identical-looking dolls I might as well go back to buying Barbies. The new Mattel MTM body has it all over the imnpossibly long-legged freaks coming out of IT’s factory. I wish they did more fashion offerings so you don’t need to purchase a doll every time you like an outfit … I don’t like the decal eyes they are doing and lastly I can no longer justify the price of their dolls twice a month!
    Phew. Sorry, I sound like Ms Negativity, but I loved the WClub soo much and the last few years have produced so many ugly imo dolls that I’m just terribly disappointed with the brand. Also I had some product issues with breaking hands and feet which took 4 months to sort out.
    Please tell me I’m wrong and why because registration ends soon!
    Thanks all for letting me have a rant.
    God bless and have a great week!

    1. Author

      Hi Rini,

      Hope you feel better getting that off your chest, darling. 🙂

      Sorry that you had a bad experience last year. I wasn’t in the W Club last year so not really aware if all the club dolls available or of a lot of the other issues (except decal-gate of course!). I think offering the convention dolls to members unable to attend is a good idea. I am surprised that that isn’t something they do already.

      I agree about separate outfits. This is something that has been dwindling for years. Instead, we get endless doll after doll (not just IT either). Strangely it seems a lot of collectors don’t like buying separate outfits and redressing dolls. I loved the original concept of the Silkstone dolls – underwear dolls with separate outfits and accessories. Shame that fizzled out too…

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