1. There are a lot of Who/Torchwood fans in the collecting communities I visit-problem being, we’re mainly collectors of 1:6 or smaller. I’m sure some fans will pick them up anyway, but for many they’d be more interesting if their clothes and accessories could be ‘borrowed’ for other dollies as well. ($50 for Ten’s overcoat-that’s really not bad, especially for those of us who can’t sew very well)

    1. Thanks for the comment. It’s interesting to hear that there is a market for these dolls. I can understand the size issues though as most larger action figure style dolls are 1:6. I can’t think of anyone else producing 1:4 scale figures other than Tonner.

  2. I’ve seen the pics and I am vastly disappointed with these. They look NOTHING like the people they are supposed to be portraying. The outfits are nice, but the heads are just hideously wrong. I’m stunned actually. I was really looking forward to these and had high hopes given the other work he’s done on some of his best character dolls. I was hoping they’d be more like his Potter collection, but actually they’re even worse than the Pirates dolls, which are not particularly well done.

    I definitely won’t be buying these. I don’t even think they could be repainted to look much like the people they’re supposed to represent. The sculpts are just too far off.

    1. It makes you realise why they took so long to be approved by the BBC but then it begs the question why they actually did approve them as they are so off the mark!

  3. Does Anyone Else Think Dr Whos Doll Looks Like A Young Martin Short?
    im sorry but they are awful the figures of dr who you can buy for £8 at any figure store look vastly better then they do and thats not saying anything.

  4. I have a Tonner Doctor Who doll, and the photos really do not do him justice. My doll’s face and expression look just like David Tennant in my opinion, now I just have to find a doll that looks just like me to be his “Companion.” 😉

    1. That’s good to hear. Often it’s best to see collectors pics rather than official ones and it is rare to be able to see dolls ‘in person’ before buying these days!

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