W Club Mood Changers Poppy Parker

W Club Mood Changers Poppy Parker

Integrity Toys have announced the first W Club Exclusive doll of 2015, Mood Changers Poppy Parker. In fact, it is not just one doll but 3 Poppy Parker dolls in one as this exclusive Mood Changers gift set utilises the Quick Switch mechanism to give collectors 3 heads and 3 outfits which provide 3 very distinctive looks! I’m pleased to see IT using the QS feature in this way in order to give ... »

Saving Grace Eugenia Perrin Frost Integrity Toys Cinematic Convention

Cinematic Convention Upgrade, Saving Grace Eugenia

  This year’s Cinematic Integrity Toys convention, set to take place in Long Beach in October, sold out is record time. However, even if you didn’t manage to secure a place you could still get your hands on a convention doll… well if you’re a W Club member that is! Reigning Grace Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll The Fashion Royalty Collection 2015 Cinematic Convention... »

Lindsey Pierce Doll

Lindsey Pierce Doll Joins JEM Collection

The Lindsey Pierce Doll is the latest doll to be added by Integrity Toys to the ever growing Jem and The Holograms collection. W Club members received a heads up email about her. In the Jem storyline, she is an influential music VJ (that’s Video Jockey to those too young to remember the 80’s!) Lindsey Pierce is exclusively available from IT Direct (Winners of the #DOFDAs 2015 ‘Be... »

Color Infusion Collection integrity toys

New IT Color Infusion Collection

Integrity Toys sent out two emails to W Club members yesterday outlining some brand new dolls. The first of three dolls in a new Color Infusion Collection. Nyasha Lauder™ The Color Infusion Collection Limited Edition Size of 450 Dolls Jacqueline O’Rion™ The Color Infusion Collection Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls Zara Wade™ The Color Infusion Collection Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls A... »

New ITBE Lingerie Doll Collection

New ITBE Lingerie Doll Collection

Fresh from their 4 award wins at this year’s #DOFDAs, Integrity Toys have just unveiled their latest, as well as the first of 2015, doll collection: six ITBE Lingerie Dolls. All 6 ITBE Lingerie doll use the older FR tall bodies and consist of several very familiar sculpts plus one new girl called Finley Prince. Love Roulette, The ITBE Lingerie Doll Collection IT Direct Exclusive Ship Date: A... »

W Club 2015 Membership Announced

W Club 2015 Membership Announced

After an unprecedented wait for the announcement for Integrity Toys W Club 2015 to finally be announced, IT lovers’ patience everywhere was rewarded when the highly expected declaration popped into their email box a few short hours ago. As well as the usual glossy PDF brochure, this year we got a video too! (UPDATE: no longer available) As in previous years, as well as the IT sneak peeks, W ... »

Check out this Fashion Doll music video Ad

A little bird told me about this new music video style ad for the new Nokia pink N8 phone. Looks pretty cool huh? Any guesses who the dolls featured in the video are? Apparently there will soon be a competition to win them. More information as I get it. Related articles Nokia N8 Pink gets creepy dismembered doll treatment, even more pink (video) (engadget.com) »

Monaco Royale Vanessa Perrin

Presenting: Monaco Royale Vanessa Perrin!

The first exclusive Fashion Royalty doll for the 2011 Integrity Toys W Club members has been announced: Monaco Royale Vanessa steps out wearing a pale peach charmeuse gown with a plunging neckline; her dark mink hair pulled into an elegant knot atop her head.  The bodice, with its cream color Chantilly lace overlay, is encrusted with gold and silver beading.  The skirt features asymmetrical pleati... »

Integrity Toys Convention 2011 Jet Set

Integrity Toys Convention 20122 – Jet Set: 10 Years of Fashion Royalty!

Integrity Toys have announced their convention for 2011 which takes place in Chicago, October 6-8. Here the publicity blurb: 10 years ago this year, the world of fashion doll collecting changed forever when two very special characters were discreetly unveiled during Toy Fair 2001 and no one actually suspected what would soon follow. Everyone who either heard about newcomers Adèle Makéda and Véroni... »

The Curious Case of the Missing Gene Marshall Calendar Shot

The Curious Case of the Missing Gene Marshall Calendar Shot

Several weeks ago I was scanning the online Integrity Toys Direct store and came across, amongst other things, the Gene Marshall Calendar Shot doll on sale at a very reasonable price. Now I have had my eye on this doll for some time (well she was originally released in 2007!) but have never got round to an actual purchase… until now. So with great excitement, I added her to my shopping baske... »