The Spring Marcelo Jacob Giveaway

Spring Giveaway: A Gorgeous 12″ Marcelo Jacob Outfit is having a Spring Giveaway! Up for grabs, we have a Marcelo Jacob one of a kind 12″ fashion doll pantsuit in a green and floral design. This outfit is simply perfect for Spring! Marcelo is a very talented designer of doll clothes based in Spain and he was kind enough to donate this outfit for a member giveaway. All you have to do is be a member of the site and like and com... » Fashion Doll Awards Winners Announcement

The Fashion Doll Awards 2017: Winners Announcement is pleased to announce that our 2017 Fashion Doll Awards Winners have been chosen. Over the last month, and after our members made their nominations, the Fashion Doll Community has been voting in their hundreds. These awards represent the very best of the dolls, designers, artists, retailers and bloggers and more over the last year. This year we also have a special new award, the... »

My Muse Magazine goes from strength to strength

My Muse issue number 2 dropped into my inbox a couple of days ago and I must say I have enjoyed it immensely. Whilst not all dolls featured would be my chosen type, the photography is so invention and stunningly undertaken that I simply don’t mind! This magazine really is a feast for the eyes and is rather inspirational in its representation of dolls as works of art. There’s also a rat... »

Bratz are back!

 Well it’s official. The girls with the fashion for passion and a knack for getting the world’s mothers all hot under the collar are set to be back with avengance. Having come through the ravages of various legal battles with Barbie‘s maker mattel Bratz dolls are cleared for sale once again. Whether, with the current backlash against the sexualization of young girls, they will be... »

A new fashion doll mag on the block

With the demise of Haute Doll some time ago it is with great delight that I got to have a look at the latest fashion doll magazine in town. From what I have seen things look very promising! From the Sybarite cover star to the high fashion style shots we had come to know and love from HD this definitely helps fill the hole it left. I do therefore hope this magazine will be here to stay. Be sure to ... »

Barbie loses out to Bratz this time around

The latest legal wrangle between MGA, makers of Bratz, and the ever litigious Mattel has thrown up a surprise twist. This time round Barbie has come out as the loser and owes the Bratz gals a payout of nearly 90 million dollars! The ongoing fight between the two companies over exactly who owns the copyright of the Bratz doll line has rolled on for several years with the previous court room ruling ... »

integrity toys fashion royalty 2011

Integrity Toys Unveils More of Their 2011 Line-up

During a Toy Fair Online Unveiling Event webinar, exclusively for members of Integrity Toys’ W Club, designers and creators at the company unveiled the upcoming dolls for 2011. Lines due for an update included Dynatmite Girls, Fashion Royalty, FR2,  FR: Monogram, Nu: Face and Poppy Parker. The sheer number and variety on show was rather overwhelming, to say the least. Here is a small slice o... »

It’s official: Barbie and Ken are back together…

Well it was the season of love so it was good timing for the most famous of dolls to mend their long broken relationship! After several months of online flirting on Twitter, facebook et al the love birds finally made it official on Valentines day. Announced via billboards placed in major cities all over the world. Congratulations to the two of them. Lets hope it lasts this time round! Related Arti... »

Houston we have a problem…

Please bear with me while I sort out a server/host issue which has lost my recent posts and site changes!  Although I doubt that tearing my hair out will help the process… »

2010 Fall/Holiday Tonner collection goes live

In yet more Tonner news; it was announced yesterday that the very latest 2010 Fall/Holiday collection had gone live on the Tonner Doll site. Quite a mixed bunch at first glance with variations on several ongoing themes such as shrunken a Harry Potter and female variations of the Wizard of Oz trio of male characters. Interesting to some I’m sure but not really floating my boat. Some of the So... »