paris fashion doll festival 2017 convention dolls - superdoll and barbie

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2017 Convention Dolls

Sadly I wasn’t able to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival this year. It would have been wonderful to have been able to spend my birthday there. Like many, I have been living vicariously through those attending the convention in person via Facebook. One such conventioneer was Ibrahim Ismail, who is himself a well-known figure in the doll world. He very kindly allowed me to share his pictu... »

Superdoll EROSIA Sybarite

Let Superdoll EROSIA be Your Valentine

Superdoll always treats collectors to seasonal and special occasion Sybarite dolls, and Valentine’s is one of those times of the year that many of us forward the most. This year we have been given EROSIA, a Japanese Lolita themed beauty in powder blue bows and frills. Plus the cutest chrome cupid bow and arrow set… ever! I think EROSIA is exquisite, I love her Lolita girl styling and t... »

superdoll sybarite TU

Superdoll Release New Sybarite TU

Superdoll have just released a new Sybarite TU. Here is the blurb from the site: “I’m so excited to be meeting up with the gurls for tea!” Tu thought it very apt to wear her slippers to the party! Venus can’t wait for the tea time games they will play in the miniature chashitsu created for them in the London Salon. GENX.2 body! Cosmetique skintone! With memories of Pyjama P... »

Halloween Superdoll Style - Sybarite MONARCH!

Halloween Superdoll Style – MONARCH!

So this Halloween saw the Superdoll Collectables tradition of a special doll release continue when new Sybarite MONARCH was announced. And what a spooktacular beauty she is! And from the Superdoll Site itself: MONARCH DD_116 The Howling wolves could not keep her contained as Venus slipped from the darkness into the midnight forest. It’s a very eerie night tonight, and this glamour hybrid is ... »

superdoll decadent detour convention las vegas

Superdoll’s Decadent Detour in Las Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas saw the latest Superdoll US Convention ‘Decadent Detour’ and it certainly seemed to live up to its name! Organised to perfection, yet again, by Drama Queen Productions. There were three (non OOAK or Salon) dolls unveiled  as far as I can tell: Friday’s Neon luncheon event Companion Doll, Baccarat, held at the very apt and intriguing Neon Museum. The Oasi... »

Sanctum- A Superdoll Chalk White Exhibit

Superdoll Sanctum: A Sybarite Chalk White Exhibit

The Superdoll 2015 London Convention, ‘Neutron Prom’, kicked off last night with a Chalk White Exhibit by Superdoll Sanctum. Although I wasn’t a conventioneer (sadly!) I was lucky enough to be invited to gate crash the event. Therefore able to enjoy the spectacle that always accompanies these amazing works of art in resin. The chosen venue was a sanctum indeed: a long lost Masoni... »

superdoll la convention beverley hills excess

Superdoll LA Convention 2015

Well, there were some exquisite dolls and outfits to which came out of the three-day Superdoll Collectables US Convention, Beverley Hills Excess at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in LA this weekend. As always the event was organised by Drama Queen Productions and I must say Andrew and his team really did excel themselves this year. Everything looks well organised and classy. Now to the dolls! Then... »

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

A PRECIOUS Superdoll to Delight You

After spending much of the day feverishly refreshing my PC screen far more than is entirely necessary when I am supposed to be working, I managed to be at the right place when the latest Rebel Princess from Superdoll Collectables went on sale. Her name is PRECIOUS and she is beautiful! I always love the descriptions that come with each Superdoll release, but SD really outdid themselves with this o... »

Superdoll’s Rebel Princess No. 2 is on Her Way

Superdoll’s Rebel Princess No. 2 is on Her Way

Superdoll Collectables just gave the heads up that their latest vinyl offering and the second in the Rebel Princess collection will be PRECIOUS and she will be arriving this Thursday, 25th June. There has been no mention of what time she will go on sale so there will some frenzied browser refreshing going on come Thursday morning. I do hope their servers can stand it! Otherwise, this could be me: ... »

trinity of superdoll sybarite gowns

A Trinity Of Superdoll Salon Gowns

The talented hands over at Superdoll HQ must have been very busy recently as we have seen the release of no less than three Sybarite Salon Gowns over the last week, with two of them released within quick succession yesterday. 1. ‘Leopard Breath’ Superdoll Salon Outfit 2. ‘Lotus Cage’ Superdoll Salon Gown 3. ‘Grande Bloom’ Superdoll Salon Gown Did you manage to g... »