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2014-08-11 08.43.05

Chinese bride Kurhn dolls.  Kurhn is a 1/6 scale Chinese fashion doll that doesn't seem to have much of a following here in the west yet.  I like her a lot for the costume themed dolls they make.  In this group there are brides from several different dynasties of ancient China, wearing their respective attires for their eras.

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  • fascinating and sumptuous costume! thanks for all those explanations. and the dolls are so cute!
    • thank you! I love culture/period costume dolls. the dotw series is prolly my all time fave doll line to collect!
  • Groups Admin
    While I collect Japanese kimono and obi, I'm very unfamiliar with Chinese attire, but would love to learn more about it, especially royal and special event clothing such as weddings. These photos of yours are an absolute delight! Thank you for sharing with us. :)
    • you're most welcome. I love sharing doll pics with my doll friends. : D the brides in this photo are: Tang Dynasty (top), Ming Dynasty (bottom back left), another Tang (bottom back right), Han Dynasty (next to the tang), Qing Dynasty (bottom front right sitting). The one wearing a peony in her hair is a famous concubine from the Tang Dynasty as well, wearing one of her court attires. the Tang Dynasty lasted roughly 300 years and was very vibrant in the arts and literature, there's bound to be more fashion trends than one. : )
  • They've gotten my attention, I think they are gorgeous!
    • yoohoo~~ the 12" world is calling your name~~~ hahahahaha
    • Oh, that my purse would let me... hahahahahahahaha
    • hahahahaha XD
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