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the kente cloth strapless sheath is a Pabboo Redfeather original from several years ago!

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  • I just adore them all! I am in love with African cottons and the African couture. Hubby and I went to Ivory coast (for work) and i still regret not having time to buy fabrics, the markets are field of colors with absolutely spectacular, colorful fabrics . thanks so much for sharing those beauties with us Viktor. Hug & kiss
  • oh I love this! love love love! did you have princess of south Africa's lips repainted?
    • for variation, I "enhanced" the lip color with my handy-dandy acrylic paint pens (re-paints are way beyond my capabilities, but I like to make minor modifications)!
    • acrylic paint pens? didn't know such a tool existed! I'll check my local Michaels, hope they have them! anyhow, excellent job on the "enhancing"!!
    • I am too clumsy with a paint-brush, so I need the firm precision of a point - acrylic will not smear or fade once it has dried (2 weeks give a day or 2) - sometime even after enduring a hot-water treatment for head-swaps & hair-sets - the brand I use is ZIG Memory System MILLENIUM (for drawing & scrapbooking) (*but works wonders on vinyl*) - manufactured by Kuretake (Japan) - ("acid-free, archival-quality, pigment ink") - acrylic inks will not migrate through the vinyl like most other inks (*store horizontally* - otherwise they clog) - several basic colors available in several sizes of point (005 - 001 - 01 - 05 - 08 - etc.) - fine point & magnifying glass allow a fumbling bumbling old guy like me to make tiny adjustments on tiny features of dolls without disastrous results - ha!
    • thanks for all this info Vik, I'll take with me to the store and hopefully find the exact models you use. thanks!! : )
  • I want them all in my collection!! Just beautiful Viktor!! Where did you get that mask and props? Love them!!
  • Wow! How many black beauties! But their outfit aren't all original, are they?
  • Viktor, this whole series is really beautiful.
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