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Hi everyone! My name is Barby, and I've been a collector of fashion dolls since childhood. Never really stopped. In fact, this day is somewhat bittersweet, in that my first favorite doll was a Shirley Temple I received when I was six. After that, I loved Barbie in both her vintage and glorious mod stages...right through adulthood, when I discovered Frankin Mint's Scarlett and Jackie Kennedy trunk sets. Then I read about Gene in Barbie Bazaar and saw my first Tyler Wentworth at a local doll shop. I was hooked. 

My love of dolls, I think, comes from my appreciation of history and fashion. I taught English Lit and History for 21 years before going into the journalism business. I'm currently the Managing Editor of a food magazine, but I still read plenty of history and fiction, and I am a huge movie buff, as well. So, my interests and my hobby go together well. 

Currently, my main interest remains with the 15-in fashion dolls--I have mostly Tonners in my collection, but also many Gene and Alex dolls, plus two Cissys. I have Franklin Mint celeb dolls--Diana, Scarlett, Liz Taylor, Jackie, etc.--and probably my favorite of the early 2000s fashion dolls are Willow & Daisy. Maybe they remind me of my mod-era Barbies, but something about their clothes, accessories and the execution of the entire line just slays me. Whenever I'm down, taking out Willow & Daisy and getting them ready for a night in London cheers me up to no end. I also love my Tonner movie collections: Narnia, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland....his celeb likenesses and their fantastic costumes are my favorite Tonner items. Oh, and Wild Imagination! Can't forget my Ellowyne and Evangeline in all their goth beauty/charm! 

I've attended four Tonner conventions (although no more, since we sadly moved from the Chicago area and I can't really afford the travel). 

I currently live in the Dallas, TX, area, and try to attend at least two doll shows a year. This area has many collectors, and it seemed to have a lot of doll stores up until around 5 years ago. I'd love to discover a doll shop in my area! 

I joined this group for fun and to hopefully meet some great peeps who share my love of dolls! 


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  • You're right about seeing your dolls in person. I buy most of my dolls on eBay but have them sent to a friend's house in Corpus Christi, Texas. I visit her about twice a year for what I call "my doll harvest", so sometimes it takes months to see what I really purchased. But one of these days I'll get to an Integrity show.

  • Thank you, Isabel, Emily and Nilsa! I am happy to be here in the forum. Dallas/Fort Worth area has two pretty decent doll shows per year. One of them is especially good. I will try to post details when the next one comes up. I would die without at least one doll show per year! There is nothing like seeing a doll you've read about in person, or having the opportunity to buy an old favorite from childhood. I actually won $50 in purchase dollars at the fashion doll show I attended last year (I never win anything, usually)! I used it toward the purchase of my first 15-in Fashion Royalty doll, who is fantastic. I get in different "doll moods"--where one month I want to dress Genes or Tylers....then I switch to the Barbie size and go for Fashion Royalty and Suzie and Barbie, etc...I even have some American Girls, because I love history and their clothes/accessories are so well made. :-)  Thanks again for the welcomes. So nice to "meet" you all. 


  • Welcome aboard girl! I'm sure you'll have a great time sharing your passion with all friends here. I feel envy when I hear you talk about doll shows . There's no such thing in my country. I collect Barbie dolls and about a couple of years knew about Fashion Royalty. Now I'm crazy about them. I met Nilsa last year on a trip to San Antonio It's amazing to know people who understand your love for dolls. Feel free to ask for any help to move around the site. There's always nice people eager to help you in any way.

    BMK (Big mexican Kisses)


  • Fellow Texan, too! Beaumont. qqqqq: Will be moving to Austin or College Station in the fall. Never been to a show. Didn't know Texas had em. I just moved to Texas this past summer though.
  • Hi Barby!! Welcome to DO!

    Nice to meet soneone living in Texas. I'm in San Antonio.

    I do too like doll showss. Even if i don't buy it is so much fun.

    We 2 dolls shows a year that I go, one here in the city and the other in New Braunfels, very close. Trying yo convince my husband to take me to one in Austin but he hates the traffic there.

    I mainly have Barbie size dolls but i aldo have some Tyler and Gene.

    Hopw you enjoy the board!

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