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  • I'm sure he'd find it fabulous reading ;)

  • Siki, looking at your nice photo, came to kind that I have to make a mini SI 50th Anniversary for Ken!!
  • Benderella was so happy Barbie made the "cover" of Sports Illustrated ;)

  • Sorry, I'm a little late but...what a hoot!!! The cover was only a dust jacket!! Now it makes perfect sense. Mattel got everybody talking about Barbie, & the guys got the real bikini clad 'dolls' on their SI cover!!!! Ha ha ha!
  • Yes! and I loved every minute of it...

    Isabel said:

    SAY WHAT!!!!  Oh my... all the fuss about it!! We were just another bunch of marketing victims hahahaha!!! 

  • Looks like we were sold a bum steer.. that's not what we were led to believe from the press reports.

  • It looks like Sports Illustrated  put the picture on the promotional plastic cover wraps (she didn’t appear on any actual covers) ..... LOL

    much ado about nothing....and the doll is already sold out!!!! 

    #unapologetic....I'm going to love this Mattel campaign.....

  • They have 1000 magazines only with a dust/jacket cover that has Barbie but she is not on the cover itself of any magazine. I was told that the magazines with the dust cover were at the Toy Fair.
    Kelly Ruth Ogden said:

    I saw the 50th Anniversary Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and Barbie wasn't on it?  KO

  • I saw the 50th Anniversary Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated and Barbie wasn't on it?  KO

  • Yep! I like that better than the human pez dispensers! Bratz dolls fits much better because of their big lips! If you want to be successful, beautiful, & famous you have to slim down those hips & blow up those lips!! How did we go from the beautiful, natural, & womanly curved body  of the 40's & 50's to the too skinny, fake, sucker fish lookin' botox bratz dolls we have now? If Marilyn, Rita, or Jane were around now, they would be looked at as fat! How can anyone even cuddle w/ these top heavy, duck lipped, tweetybird twiggys!? Barbie doing damage? It is hollywood w/ it's lindsay's, paris, snookies, & kims that is doing the real damage or how about the shows that are being put out for young girls like 16 & pregnant, teen moms, jersey shore, my super sweet 16 (should be called my super stupid parents!)& MANY others! But of course none of that matters because it is barbie that may just be the antichrist!!

    Simon Farnworth said:

    Hahaha LOL!! 

    Or Bratz who encourage girls to have detachable feet (and big heads!)

    Siki-Benderella said:

    Barbie can't be any worse than Blythe which encourages young girls to have bulbous heads.
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