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BJD Kitties and Doggies!!

My Sybs have been griping about wanting a kitty of their own, and I had no idea these even existed until about 15 minutes ago.  I'm going to have to fight the urge to become heavily addicted to these little jewels, this coming from a person that never really cared for BJD animals before.  But these are so enchanting!

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  • Groups Admin

    I know!  I thought the same thing, Amber.   Except I have 4 kitties, and at $300+ each (if I'm lucky)...well, you do the math.  Ow.  

    But I am still utterly enchanted by them.  

  • Oh my gosh! Those are the most adorable things I have ever seen! I too don't normally go for the animal BJDs, but with those little guys how can you not want one of them?! Plus the options on the make your own, is so full of possibilities. Id love to make one look like my cat! But oh man the prices kill me, if I had the money I would surely do it.
  • Groups Admin

    Here's some that our Emilia ordered to paint and string herself:

    GAH! She's killing me!! 

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