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Doll Observers update 22nd August

Member announcements

  • A very warm welcome to this weeks new Doll Observers members Donna, Ada & Laura. Be sure to stop by their pages and say hello!

  • I would also like to take this chance to give happy greetings to Leonella who celebrated her birthday this week. Sounds like she had lot's of doll fun on her special day too!

Site News
  • A New User Guide has been added to help new Doll Observers find their way around the network
  • We now have a FAQs Page to help all members with the various functions of the network
  • There is a new Leaderboard feature which puts the content members add to the network into a 'top 10'. A great way to see what other members are up to and just for fun and healthy competition of course!
Latest activity
  • New member Ada added a brand new group to Doll Observers called Vintage and Mod Barbie for fans of Vintage and Mod era 1959-1977 Barbies. If this sounds like you then be sure to check it out. 
  • If you fancy starting your own group then get started by clicking here.

Until next time have a wonderful doll filled week!

Warm regards,
Network Creator (Just found out that this is my official 'title' so giving it a try, LOL!)

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