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  • Usually my dolls were in jail for prostitution or for getting into fights.  They had a really cool jail though.

  • I had a barbie jeep that was really cool. I lived on a cattle farm, surrounded by acres and acres of open pasture. I tied a very long peice of string to my jeep and dragged it along behind me for hours! Fortunately, it came with safety belts, because my barbies got quite jostled! There was also a dried up creek bed that made for a really cool Archaelogical dig site. (I watched a lot of National Geographic as a kid) I used broken pieces of crockery as archealogical "finds." And yes, that does mean that my mother allowed me to play with broken glass!

  • i'm trying to remember all the adventures my barbies went on when i was a brother had the big gi joes, so we played alot of spy adventures/ we are both big james bond fans.....we used to play "tron" (like the movie) by putting barbie in our roller blades and chasing each other around the house....when i would go visit my cousins, we would build entire barbie cities (those girls had EVERY barbie product there was!!!!)  i was always so jealous of their collections....maybe someday yet i'll still get my hands on such happy memories of my favorite toy!!!

  • I got the idea for this during a discussion I was having on another topic. Here is a copy of it, so you can get the general idea.

    Mary Beth: @Terri Yes, I really did have my dolls go bungee jumping! I tied a bunch of rubber bands together to make the rope, and I fastened one end to the stair railing and the other to my barbies' feet. I also had them go mountain climbing up the stairs! My barbies were very adventurous.

    Andy Sorensen: omg marybeth! my barbies used to go mountain climbing up the stairs at grandmas house when i was a kid! my cousins had the ENTIRE camping set for barbie from the 80's! such fun memories....i also remember using parachute from time to time, no bungee jumping tho!

    Mary Beth:I didn't have a camping play set, so I made a tent out of one of my dad's old undershirts and some sticks. I'd set it up outside with my barbies and their horses, sometimes I'd put them in sleeping bags inside the tent and leave them out there all night!

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