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Hello :D


I'm new here and just thought I'd stop by and offer a short introduction. I'm sort of new to the doll collector world. I have a very good friend who got me interested and so I started out with Monster High dolls and she just sent me Melody my Moxie doll, who is my fav :).

I am really hoping to get a nice BJD eventually once I get the money, but for now I plan to just spend time changing up Melody's outfits and learning more about dolls in general. Hopefully once I finally get the money the right doll will come around.

Take care,


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  • Hello Bayru! I'm new to the forum as well, but have been collecting dolls for my whole life. I also love the Monster High dolls, but don't have as many of them as I'd like. You might enjoy Tonner's City Girls line...they are larger dolls but have a great price point and some cute outfits. I have the redhead in a gold gown and a cute pants/poncho outfit for her. I don't think the doll was more than $25. It's a great fashion doll of quality for those on a budget! :-)


  • Hallo! I'm sorta a noob too. >< One BJD, a couple taller play line dolls, one "collectible" and two monster high girls, haha. It's all good fun. I really love it. c:
  • Hello Bayru, welcome! now that you're hooked up with fashion dolls the sky is the limit!

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