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Hello Dollie Fans

Hi Everyone
  As you all...Im a huge doll fan...mostly Barbie for me. I grew up with Barbie and was horrified at 13 ys of age to have to quit playing with dolls. I have continued to collect since then. I recently received a beautiful cabinet made by hand from my Father...especially made for all my Barbies.  Since then I have gained a huge interest in reinventing Barbie by making her beautiful clothes, to setting her hair and more recently repainting their faces. My Grandmother and Uncle made all of my doll clothes growing up, so its been kind of exciting to see myself  follow in their footsteps.  My Mother , and biggest fan and supporter, is also thrilled to see me doing this because of my love for fashion dolls. I hope you enjoy my photos and leave me a line some time.


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  • Oh I can so relate to that 13-years age limit! I was at the same age, after finishing the lower level grammar school and moving on to the next stage my mother implied that I was too old for Barbie from there on... I didn't agree but I let it go. Later I learned mom just assumed, it wasn't like she insisted I wouldn't need another Barbie. :( Those wasted teen years!
  • Admin
    Thanks Leisa for sharing your story. I will enjoy seeing your creations!
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